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  1. JerryMaze
    hi... i am searching for new bike now a days and hopefully i will decide soon to buy a new one. any suggestions?
  2. JerryMaze
    hi ... how are you all i wanna make new contacts i.e. friends. would you join me?
  3. JerryMaze
    hi i am Jerry and i am from US Texas and here i am new.
  4. Serkan
    Serkan NS400R
    valve on the muffler install
  5. Serkan
    Serkan NS400R
    OEM exhaust Assembly will do, but how to install the servo cables to me service manual page send 2017 cbr 1000rr
  6. Serkan
    Serkan nigelrb
    Hı I have 2017 cbr 1000rr OEM exhaust Assembly will do, but how to install the servo cables to me service manual page send
  7. exuptoy
  8. Skoll
    Hi just wondering what’s the best loud exhaust for a05 1000rr like the look of the yoshi
  9. gary1966
    gary1966 dgr
    Hi, send your PayPal info to me and I will send you the £40
  10. Spygoat
    I'm more than just a little curious how you're planning to go about making your amends to the dead.
  11. Alan Taylor
    Alan Taylor
    Having a wheelie good day...
  12. WeekendWarrior
  13. Frankhopper
    "A skittish motorbike .... the hint, the provocation to excess conferred by its honeyed untiring smoothness." T.E. Lawrence.
  14. Ralph
    Ralph Mr OCD
    Hi you.... I need your help... I used config Dave Moss for my cbr1000rr 2009 but is too hard for me to take a chicane... Then I see you purpose to give KAIS config of your 2010 and it's the same model... I need your config Mr OCD ... So thanks a lot
  15. Gts2pro
    Gts2pro martinowen
    Hi please is it possible for people or admin or who ever to change the status to Sold on items if they have sold them because in Parts or items forsale the titles do not say if they have been sold or not, this is really frustrating when you click on the add then to read down that its already been sold or not.

  16. Cptn_Cr4sh
    Mildly Deranged
  17. AdamS
    First blade 2008 black
  18. Alan Taylor
    Alan Taylor
    On holiday back soon
  19. Alan Taylor
  20. SolidSnake
    SolidSnake JimGreen
    Hi Jim, I came across this forum after searching for a racefit exhaust map. I have a 2015 blade with a racefit exhaust I have a power commander pcfc. Can you please kindly send me the map you have for the 2015 blade. I can see that you havent been online since 2016 so I am hoping you see this.