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  1. nevsrevs
    nevsrevs Lammari-Tornado
    Hi if you could get some information on what Honda have done to your bike that would be helpful. Especially if you can now change your tyre size on your dash
  2. Wayne Thomas
    Wayne Thomas mk3golfcab
    Hi mate
    Can you add me for a black one please.
  3. Wayne Thomas
    Wayne Thomas nozdog
    Hi mate
    Ok I’ll give you 44 for it. Send me your details for payment and I’ll send it over with my address
  4. nosher
    nosher dan.1moore1
    Do I need a link pipe to fit a new back box on my 2011 fireblade or does it just slip on? Any for sale please?
  5. Gizmo
    Gizmo Davo
    Hi mate, have you still got the Ohlins shock for sale??
  6. Leroy preston
    Leroy preston
    So I attempted to bleed my brakes today, complete failure lol.
  7. Dogsbody
    Dogsbody Peter f
    Yes, I fitted Heli bar risers two years ago. They made a big difference for me.
  8. Peter f
    Peter f
    Hi,I have neck problem and was thinking off trying clip on bar risers ,has any one done this or has any advice please,Pete
  9. Whitey
    Whitey julian48
    Hi mate. Is the bike still for sale?
  10. Oliver
    Oliver kev.b
    Hello, I am in the process of trying to remove a Datatool S4 C1 Red alarm from my motorbike. I can see you advised other members how to do it back in 2015. Would you be able to send me this info too please? I've searched everywhere else on the internet and just cant find out how.
  11. Beckers
    Beckers 7belowzero
    Hi mate the levers are still available
  12. Dixie
    Dixie auag
    Hi there I see you have a sc57 and have had the ECU flash ?
    Just wondering what kind of dyno figures yours makes ? As thinking of getting mine done
    Tia ray
  13. jamesd744
    Dreaming of the weekend
  14. Spike1
    Spike1 DazK
    Hello mate sorry for late reply. My number is+447545846985 if you want to chat about cleaning your bike
  15. kevin nichol
    kevin nichol Chris86
    Hi Chris, The Bazzaz is still fitted on the bike. I will get some photos over to you tomorrow night if you send me your number I can what's app you them. Cheers kev
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    2. Chris86
      Good man Kevin 07590063882
      Feb 26, 2019
  16. Lee Beddows
    Lee Beddows
    Finally bought the dream bike!
  17. Noel
    2017 cbr1000rr sp
  18. chrisleo
    chrisleo Rob
    Hi Rob,

    Can you please confirm it’s ok to sell various goodies from my fireblade as a new member? I don’t want to cause a problem. I don’t have any posts but am happy to get involved with bit and pieces as I’ve had various blades over the last 15 years.

    Please can you advise?

    Many thanks,
    1. Blade07
      hi chrisleo. i would like to buy your yoshi exhaust you have for sale. can you call / message me on 07910306743, many thanks paul.
      Mar 18, 2019
  19. Jimmy46
    Jimmy46 Jez
    Thanks for the reply
  20. Cookster
    996 hooligan