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  1. luke jephcote
    luke jephcote
    None starting blade 2014 after fitting Bazzaz turns over but don’t stick up did remove battery
  2. Gshock
    my blade
    1. Allanrr
      Very nice
      Sep 16, 2019
  3. Ripper_CQ
    Fireblade SC57, Akra titanium, HM quickshifter, rearsets.
  4. R.M
    R.M brg1000
    Hey brg1000.

    What's the best price you can do on the Translogic is4 shipped to Limerick, Ireland? I've the 2014 Blade.

  5. LRJimmy
    Wish it was warmer
  6. Rb5scoob
    Hi all from Somerset
  7. Rb5scoob
    Hi all, just joined this group and wonder if anyone else on here from Somerset
  8. kingy3
    Hi guys does anyone know the torque settings for front and rear sprockets on a 2010 blade cheers
  9. Ice Doc
    Ice Doc
    Back to work..
  10. Ice Doc
    Ice Doc
    Come on England (& Wales)
  11. Chris Hammond
    Chris Hammond
    Is it ever going to stop raining...
  12. Ian-rr
    Second blade! Brought last year new!
  13. Bishbosh
    You're as young as the woman you feel. Bugger.
  14. Savvas
    Savvas barry107
    Hi Barry107, could you please contact me via email ([email protected]) or ([email protected]) to ask something about the CABS issue? Many thanks for your understanding. Best, Savvas
  15. tartan warrior
    tartan warrior Dorsetdave
    Hi do you still have the fork protectors, how much including p&p? Thanks
  16. nevsrevs
    nevsrevs Lammari-Tornado
    Hi if you could get some information on what Honda have done to your bike that would be helpful. Especially if you can now change your tyre size on your dash
  17. Wayne Thomas
    Wayne Thomas mk3golfcab
    Hi mate
    Can you add me for a black one please.
  18. Wayne Thomas
    Wayne Thomas nozdog
    Hi mate
    Ok I’ll give you 44 for it. Send me your details for payment and I’ll send it over with my address
  19. nosher
    nosher dan.1moore1
    Do I need a link pipe to fit a new back box on my 2011 fireblade or does it just slip on? Any for sale please?
  20. Gizmo
    Gizmo Davo
    Hi mate, have you still got the Ohlins shock for sale??