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  1. Ice Doc
    Ice Doc
    Dreaming of my next bike
  2. Danny
    How many and what size are the springs on a RS5 yoshi full exhaust on a 2005 cbr1000rr.
  3. Ice Doc
    Ice Doc
    Waiting for news of my blade's hot start issue..
  4. stuart collier
    stuart collier
    hi has anyone got a wiring diagam for a2004 1000rr cheers stuart
  5. stuart collier
    stuart collier
    hi has any got a wiring diagram for a 2004 fireblade please
  6. CA1990
    I'm just that guy winging it through life trying his best
  7. killerbee2356
    i am looking to buy one
  8. Mr Nathan Preece
    Mr Nathan Preece raphael
    Hi Raphael, seat cowl arrived today so pleased thanks very much amazing condition and packaged so well cheers
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    2. raphael
      Morning Nathan, no problem, thanks for letting me know mate.
      Dec 10, 2019
  9. Loukas
  10. jayrepsol
    jayrepsol DazK

    I had the power commander on when I had only the end can and it runs ok, still runs ok with the full system with a generic map with the PC.

    I still want a custom map though. I was booked in this autumn at Dynobike in Malton but he cancelled on me as he's moving premises.

    I'm going back in the spring but you're right it is lumpy on low revs even with the flapper mod.
  11. jake mclauchlan
    jake mclauchlan
    Top the mornin to all glad to be here im from east 61 years young an had my rr5 over 8 years love it .Also got a z1000
  12. zutiot
    aj cant reset 23 code error o2
  13. luke jephcote
    luke jephcote
    None starting blade 2014 after fitting Bazzaz turns over but don’t stick up did remove battery
  14. Gshock
    my blade
    1. Allanrr
      Very nice
      Sep 16, 2019
  15. Ripper_CQ
    Fireblade SC57, Akra titanium, HM quickshifter, rearsets.
  16. R.M
    R.M brg1000
    Hey brg1000.

    What's the best price you can do on the Translogic is4 shipped to Limerick, Ireland? I've the 2014 Blade.

  17. Rb5scoob
    Hi all from Somerset
  18. Rb5scoob
    Hi all, just joined this group and wonder if anyone else on here from Somerset
  19. kingy3
    Hi guys does anyone know the torque settings for front and rear sprockets on a 2010 blade cheers
  20. Ice Doc
    Ice Doc
    Back to work..