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  1. Trav_1981
    Trav_1981 LowSide76
    Hey up mate, I see you’re from Barnsley, where abouts?
    1. LowSide76
      Hi mate, sorry just seen this lol. Yea im from royston
      Jan 6, 2021
    2. Trav_1981
      Ah sound mate. I’m not far away, in Hoyland.
      Jan 6, 2021
  2. Jean
    My phone number is +27733848718
  3. Jean
    Hi I'm from South Africa and I am selling my Honda cbx 550 f2, mint,please contact me on 0733848718 or by email at [email protected]
  4. Abarb
    Hi everyone ! Just joined the group. I’m a track day rider so hopefully I can offer and receive advice Cheers all
  5. PauloHRC
    First we get a bike, then we get another bike, then we say.....ok, no more bikes!! Then we continue looking at bikes, then another bike.....
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  6. Ritchierich
    Ritchierich CRM
    Are you still doing the James Whitham track day at Anglesey on Wednesday 13th?
    I'll be in the green steady group to start with, haven't done Anglesey circuit for a few years and need to get to grips with this new 2020 Blade to start with.
  7. irishrover
    New to the forum, owed a Blade back in the day. Looking for a 50th Anniversary RR or XXBB. Anyone see one let me know.
  8. Saqib
    Just bought a 2017 Blade.. still learning and settling in with it.
  9. Philjobooboo
    2005 CBR1000RR Track bike in SEED racing colors.
  10. Alldors491@gmail
    [email protected]
    How to bypass a meta alarm on 1996 fireblade please help.
  11. Mark TT
    Mark TT icedmind
    I’ll send a picture to your email just so you know exactly what I’m talking about
  12. Mark TT
    Mark TT icedmind
    Hi mate sorry to bother you again!
    Like you I’ve decided I’m going to keep the original brake lines, well for the moment anyway.
    Just having a look at things before I start and I’ve noticed there’s a locating lug attached to the original hose just at the end where it mounts on the master cylinder. I’m just wondering if you had any issue with this when you were fitting your mc?
  13. Jaffacakes81
    "Ride it like its stolen"
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  14. Gravel trap
    Gravel trap
    is it strip bike top trumps time again . oh you minx you
  15. icedmind
    icedmind Keith jones
    i went with pyramid for mine as it covers the most and don't look hideous, pm me for pics if needed
  16. Keith jones
    Keith jones
    Any one knows who does extended rear hugger on 18 blade
  17. mk3golfcab
    Getting the blade out
  18. MEGZ
    MEGZ Rob
    Hi Rob,

    Do you provide or sell the website decal?

  19. MEGZ
    2016 CBR1000RRA
  20. Woolie