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  1. BlingmyRR
    New owner of a 2005 1000rr 8500 miles..full Apropovic and pc3 just gave it a well needed remap
  2. Maca07
    Hi does anyone hav a front right fork for 2005 cbr1000rr for sale as the internals were bent ?
  3. TheMissilejokey
    Does anybody know which is the best quickshifter can be put on my 2016 SP15 fire blade ?
    1. CharlieR85
      Jun 8, 2021
    2. karl wesley
      karl wesley
      Translogic by a mile
      Jun 12, 2021
  4. tjwaller7
  5. Keith jones
  6. BennyBoo
    BennyBoo RC45
    Hi RC45. I'm on the 1000rr forum in the uk, but have been following your posts for a while now stateside. I've recently bought a 2018 Fireblade SP and have booked onto a trackday. Have you ever run a Supercorsa SC on the front and the standard SP on the rear?? Just curious as to what the behaviour would be, as obviously the SC doesn't come in a 50 profile.

    Thanks a lot, John.
  7. dingle
    dingle Alan Davidson
    Hi Alan, I have a genuine Fireblade E-Cushion seat from my 2012 model. I will be advertising shortly, if you are interested let me know. Thanks
  8. naveedlehri
    Hi m new in group
  9. John1960
    New Member
  10. DanMac
    Hi, Can anyone advise me on with tyes to fit my 2004 cdr1000rr? I do not do many miles a year, only road use and never in bad weather.
  11. James Bourne
    James Bourne
    Hi All I'm looking at buying a CBR954 2003 model and would like to know if they have an OBD2 port? Many thanks in advance, James
  12. tfb19
    Afternoon all, does anyone have a gearing list for SC59(2010) for uk circuits. TIA Tom
  13. Shittybikeracer
    If im riding then im happy
  14. Wayne Thomas
    Wayne Thomas Dave dunlop
    Hi Dave
    After some help if you can.
    Removed all my abs system off my 14 plate
    And followed the advice on deleting the abs light but it’s still on.
    Am I right in understanding that it should go out after a few seconds with the engine running and not moving the bike.
    I’m sure I’ve done it correctly regarding the orange wire to earth.

  15. Davy boy
    Davy boy
    Hi all, I’m from the North east, this is my 3rd Fireblade and is the Black Special 2016
  16. James Oakey
    James Oakey
    Looking for a fire blade tank cover for the repsol fire balde orange any clue is best place to buy one
  17. Baz
    Hey, so got bike out today & instead of hooking up to trickle charge like I’ve got. I hooked bike up to my van wrong terminals.
  18. Bakweel
    Hey guys, does anyone know of a site selling HRC gearbox parts for a 2015 CBR1000RR?
  19. Trav_1981
    Trav_1981 LowSide76
    Hey up mate, I see you’re from Barnsley, where abouts?
    1. LowSide76
      Hi mate, sorry just seen this lol. Yea im from royston
      Jan 6, 2021
    2. Trav_1981
      Ah sound mate. I’m not far away, in Hoyland.
      Jan 6, 2021
  20. Jean
    My phone number is +27733848718