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  1. Ice Doc
    Ice Doc
    Waiting for spring
  2. Leroy preston
    Leroy preston
    Can anyone tell me what engine parts I need to get 180-190 but on 08 blade?
    1. scooby
      a very optimistic dyno....
      Feb 28, 2018
    2. Leroy preston
      Leroy preston
      Yh I ment realistically.
      Mar 1, 2018
  3. Leroy preston
    Leroy preston
    Need help, translogic quickshifter installation RR8 please help me!!!!
  4. mk3golfcab
    Almost 30 :(
  5. Lynden Brain
    Lynden Brain
    Rider since I was 18 ..........with a 36 year gap in between (the phrase "wasted life" comes to mind).
  6. Andy O'Hare (ex D Tweeks)
    Andy O'Hare (ex D Tweeks) Remal
    Hi Matt, It's Andy, ex Demon Tweeks! Just thought I'd say hi! It's been a while! I've put a post up asking for some help if that's okay
  7. JY_Honda
    Vertu Honda Grantham
  8. JY_Honda
    Vertu Honda Grantham
  9. Millsp1
    Millsp1 dave the rave
    Hi Dave , PayPal , [email protected], Hope you're not in Ireland, visits me a fortune to post there, p/s the titanium fork adjusters are well nice!!!
  10. Martin Ekdahl
    Martin Ekdahl Conquest Carbon
    I want the discont ?
  11. tartan warrior
    tartan warrior keithg1748
    No prob, cheers
    1. keithg1748
      its a guy on ebay that pads them and covers them , I think its the same guy who did mine , type in Honda 1000rr seats.
      Jan 10, 2018
  12. Krazee_Karlos
    Lost a CBR600FS2, now looking for a Fireblade!
  13. tartan warrior
    tartan warrior keithg1748
    Hi is that a gel comfort seat on your old bike, if so will you be selling it?
    1. keithg1748
      sorry mate they went will the bike , but they where the standard seats which I had padded and recovered , but cant remember who did them .
      Jan 6, 2018
  14. Rafacbr
    Rafacbr foenix
    Hi Mate, Do you still have the Arata exhaust for sale?
  15. julianh
    julianh martinowen
    Hi Martin I am a long time member of the forum user name Julian I haven't been able to log in for quite a while due to you having the wrong e mail address please reinstate the julian account and delete this one ( julianh)thank you
  16. PauloHRC
    PauloHRC Whitty1982
    Hi Whitty, Paul here......hope you get the bike sorted. If you are up for that ride in the new year let me know. I joined the forum to see if there is any ride outs or local owners in my area and there's not many of us in Manchester so be good to meet up! Here's my number mate, I'm in Urmston.......07487703650.
  17. keithg1748
    look what just turned up.
  18. nigelrb
    2011 HRC 3-colour. Yoshimura R-77 slip on, PZ Racing gear indicator, Oxford heated grips, R & G tail tidy, no pillion pegs.
  19. Mac86
    Live to ride
  20. Fwsock
    Fwsock Old_boy65
    Haha mine is a 50th pressie for next year. I know how you feel on the young family. Mine are only 5&3 and time is a big loss with parenthood. Yup hugger for me too, can and tidy already. Planning heated grips, levers,rad guard and possibly an alarm. I intend to keep for a good while too.
    1. Old_boy65
      I’ve got a rad guard on mine as well... definetly recommend as one of first things to do. Something as simple as a small stone can be a costly headache. Recommend RRG (mentioned on the forum by many members)
      Nov 5, 2017