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  1. Crazy Hazy
    Crazy Hazy
    Hi everyone im Ja from South Wales just bought my hm plant honda fireblade this is my 3rd blade now. TT races regular massive fan
  2. Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson
    I’m looking for installation instruction for datatool s4 c1 red 100% red alarm for Kawasaki z1000sx abs hbf 2011
  3. Alan2456
    Living up here in Scotland so got some great roads to play with. Thanks or signing me up, looking forward to learning a lot from the forum.
  4. Alan2456
    So, long term Fireblade owner, this is my third, got my first in 1995 Urban Tiger, second was a White 954 my latest is the 2012 pictured.
  5. Alan2456
    Posted that too early
  6. Alan2456
    Hi all new to the site so stumbling about finding my way.
  7. Bronze
    Do anyone have a blue and red right hand side bellypan for 06 repsol
  8. Broadie
    Broadie Rk750
    Valve in the exhaust is servo operated via a cable. The ECU is the controller, opens at preset rpm no sensor involved.
    Put a proper post up. Most people don't read this bit.
    1. Selmer50mark
      Well I did ,lol
      Sep 17, 2023
  9. Rk750
    Has anyone heard of a....butterfly exhaust sensor? I've never heard of it or is it named something else
  10. pjxsdf4399
  11. Albert
    I'm aware that it's frowned upon for new members to use this to try and sell. Hence discount.
  12. Albert
    Want to post a 98 Blade for sale at reduced price for forum members.
  13. Marco blade abs
    Marco blade abs
    Very happy cbr owner now abs is gone and also the light amazing members thankyou
  14. Si Langley
    Si Langley
    Hi, 2012 is running cooler than last year, as low as 65 when running, sometimes getting to 73. Used to run hotter. thermostat stuck open?
    JAKEBARLZ derchef
    Hi , Could you drop me an email regarding the modified tensioner springs you use for the CBR cam chain tensioner please. I have a manual one but would prefer to us OEM if I can
  16. fredrik oyen
    fredrik oyen
    Is there anything I can do at home when both the MIL indicator and the PGM-FI indicator is constantly on? Can I ride my bike?
  17. switchblade
    From HRC to Orange
  18. switchblade
    switchblade Slick
    Afternoon Slick..I saw a post about ABS "not delete" but fuse pull. You mentioned that the constant light is also an easy fix (help)
    I've pulled the fuse, guessing I need to do a full bleed to get the braking spot on. Was thinking about just popping on some HEL lines direct to the caliper, but reading your reply, It looks as though it just needs a propper good bleed.
    I'm on the 2010 CBR1000rr (abs)
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    2. Slick
      Turning off the ABS light is easy, shout and will give detail on this
      Feb 28, 2023
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    3. switchblade
      Slick, thanks for the reply on that...I've been away with work for the past 2 weeks...I'd love the light details..I think I read somewhere it's a green and something wire something or other bla bla earth....
      I'd love that quick little fix...
      Thanks for the reply...good on ya
      Mar 10, 2023
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    4. Slick
  19. Burtox
    Abs failure Court action
  20. Jack leo
    Jack leo