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Jul 15, 2012
Jan 21, 2012
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Active Member, from Skelmersdale Nr Liverpool

bongo was last seen:
Jul 15, 2012
    1. Remal
      Ello Mate just had Tom AKA Hot wheels up my place for a chat. said about going to watch a match race then found it it was you. How do you know Tom? I've know him for years and met him via a local bike forum
    2. bongo
      Thanks for your messages I'll update properly tomorrow but i'm sore and in bed! K, did i get on the telly with the crash today mate? I thought i'd sky plus'd all the coverage today but didn't think they showed Stock 1000 today?
    3. kpone
      Bit of an extreme way to get a Eurosport replay John, but I'm glad you're okay mate.

    4. fez.57
      Best of luck for the race mate. sadly i cant make it to watch you but hope you have a good run out
    5. kpone

      I say I don't believe in it then I cave in at the last minute and cross my fingers, so I expect by Sunday morning I'll have fingers, toes and anything else I've got two of and are long enough to wrap around each other, crossed.

      Good luck John. Don't get too much Champagne over your leathers, it's a bastard to get out of the stitching and when you get interviewed ask Jaimie Whitham when him and Foggy are touring again for me.


    6. zeepony
      dude your messages inbox is full! i tried to reply to you but bounced...
    7. Shameless
      No worries Bongo, just want for you to do well, My racing days were one season on 250 production on an LC, managed to lose the jacket and that was it, could not afford it when I was 20. Top man I will pop across on your Snetty meet and say hello. If you need any help let me know im not to bad with a spanner or two
    8. bongo
      Haha i'm just gonna watch it in a minute before bed lol. Bit gutted about the first round still, bloody 1st 2nd and 3rd and not a mention, then get mentioned when i'm being beat haha. I'll just have to ride better and get amongst 'em more!!
    9. dan.1moore1
      The just announced your name as you passed the camera mate , No 177 John Blundell .. Excellent stuff mate !!
    10. bongo
      Will do mate thanks very much for taking an interest! If you're on Facebook add me, i'm always posting shite on there lol... Bongo John Blundell :)
    11. dan.1moore1
      Excellent mate, I thought i heard right when they said it would be on , I got it set to record so ill let you know if i see you .

      Sounds like your having great fun doing it mate . Keep us posted throughout if you can mate . Always a good read
    12. bongo
      Hiya mate, i'm good thanks, how're you doing?!

      Yeah i'm doing Thundersport GB mate, it'll be on this Thursday me thinks. We got short changed big time after Donington though, i got a 3rd, 2nd and 1st, and they never showed any of it! I was mega pissed. I race in the Superstock 1000 class which is a sub category within the superbike grid (although exactly 50% of the grid) but it's all about the 3 at the front of the superbikes, whether it's exciting or not...very annoying!

      Either way, i kicked off and they reckon it'll be better from now on. We're all paying our money and it does no good to attract sponsors if you can get podiums and not even get mentioned!! A rrrghhh it annoyed me, can you tell?!

      Anyway, i crashed and got a 5th and 4th on the weekend, so not so much to shout about this time! Either way, points in the bag and the bike is good!
    13. dan.1moore1
      Hows it going fella ?

      What race series are you currently riding in ? Im sure it said its on eurosport this thursday .

      Is it Thundersport or something at mallory the last meet ?

      What every they said the name was it sounded familiar with your last posts ,
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    Skelmersdale Nr Liverpool
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    Ex trials rider and then bmxer due to knee injury, passed bike test 2007, trackday December 2007 and loved it, raced 2009-present on Honda CBR600rr-03 and then Yamaha R6 '10 with Hottrax in Junior and national endurance, Derby Phoenix F600, Thundersport Superstock 600 and at Three Sisters, winning F600 and 501-1300cc open championships in 2010.

    2012 contesting a 2009 fireblade in Thundersport GB's Superstock 1000 class and maybe a national round or two later in the year.


    2012 Thundersport GB Superstock 1000 #177
    2009 Superstock Fireblade - 25mm Ktech Forks, Factory Showa shock, FIM Blueprinted motor, PCV & fuel module, Arrow full system, K&N, HM quickshifter, Hel brake lines, Ten Kate captive caliper, Padgetts rearsets, GB engine protection, DID 520 chain & Renthal sprockets, Starlane Athon GPS timer, ANR fairings, HRC tank.
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