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Apr 15, 2019
Oct 8, 2011
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October 16
Angus. Scotland

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God Like, from Angus. Scotland

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Apr 15, 2019
    1. argiris
      colin you change mind about exhaust? waiting your reply
    2. julestys
      Hello Colin loving the look of the chain guards you make
      Are they still available?
    3. collier32
      Hi ColinBr ive seen the posts about the chain guards you used to make they look good have you got any drawings you worked to because im a machinist and i fancy trying to make one thanks Mark
    4. sps170373
      Colin tried emailing but your inbox is full about the ASV levers for brembo
    5. kpone
      I think it would be a bit off if it was, but I don't know how that works. I'm a bit new at this having power lark, I'm much more comfy being a grunt. I've asked him to open it up again as its important to keep comms running for the planning of the run. I'm sure he'll be back on soon, he's around a lot more than he has been recently. I've looked in my toolkit and its beyond my power to change it. Can you use visitor messages until he shows up. I'd be happy to route anything confidential through my inbox for you but you won't be able to send to me.

      I reckon a good idea would be for you to set up a new email address just for the duration of the run and just give it to the others on the trip. That way you wouldn't get lumbered with the bloody irritating Russian doll reply boxes either.
    6. Barney1
      No worries , how much do I owe you ?
      How much depo ? And how do I pay you ?
    7. Barney1
      Colin empty your pm box ?
    8. arthurbikemad
      Inbox full mate,

      Yes mate bang on, 10 40 semi is good for the SP best qual you can get... Yours just got a little rarer too as one of my customers brother crashed his on Sunday, broke his collar bone and is ok but bike smashed to bits! Both wheel rims smashed and forks snapped right off, lost the front after going into a round a bout tooooo fast, bike hit the curb and destroyed! He's gutted big time it was mint unlike my customers, they both have sp brother had an sp2!
    9. Freedom of choice
      Freedom of choice
      Yes mate well spotted. I have already pm'd the powers that be earlier in the week to try and sort out some kind off on line funfair, firework display for the 1000th.
    10. BladeRR8
      Hi Colin

      Not been on the site for a while unfortunately as been mad busy at work so not up to date with all the threads but hope your well and enjoying your riding.

      Reason for the PM is I still have one of your excellent custom chain guards from the first batch brand new and never fitted to the bike as I'm not sure if you remember but my hugger did'nt fit too well with it unfortunately.

      Anyway long story short as I m no longer in need of it, it seems a total waste to have it sitting around in my garage gathering dust. I don't want to post it on here or ebay with out first speaking to you as I appreciated you making it so much it would seem wrong just to flog it on with out at least explaining why to you first.

      Anyway if your happy that I sell it I will post on here first as they were so popular it only seems fair to give 1000rr members first refusal.

      Hope your well and take care - Steve
    11. ieathaggis
      Colin, how's it going mate? I just got home this weekend and set eyes on the Chain Guard. Cracking job, it looks ace and Im loving the Silver against Black. Thanks again.

      Colin S
    12. tanstair
      Just a quick thank you for the lovely made chain guard. :D
    13. BladeRR8
      Hi Colin

      Hope your well and your looking forward to the 2012 biking season.

      Hope you don't mind me asking but I wondered if you would be interested in possibly making an extendable side stand for me.

      This is what I m after:

      RC51 adjustable kickstands

      I could obviously supply the original stand, photos & dimensions if you thought it might be possible and you were prepared to make one.

      Obviously please feel free to say NO, I won't be offend in anyway and I hope I have'nt offended you in anyway by asking if your interested.

      Cheers - Steve
    14. Jimbo Vills
      Jimbo Vills

      yes mate defo!! was all a bit rushed, but by that point it had got proper mental busy so a bit of a shame up night before sound best bet next year... def have to make sure that happens!

      as for track day, yeah, well up for that...
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    October 16
    Angus. Scotland
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