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Jun 10, 2011
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Aug 7, 2019
    1. damodici
      mate i feel your pain.

      Yesterday we were producing some proofs for Abercrombie & Fitch via one of the UK's major 'print management firms' (and i use that term loosely)

      they were expecting a consistent colour match over 3 different printers in the UK, based on some settings that were explained from a yank who's done the work up until now.

      needless to say he wasnt exactly forth coming in giving up his onyx profile and even when he did its useless as nobody can buy the same laminate he's using so my point to everybody was unless all materials throughout are standardized you'll get colour drift no matter what.....deaf ears mate.

      oh and the best part? Its meant to be a greyscale image with a coloured vector just for the logo and the americans swear blind theyre running just 2 channels of black/grey on the HP z6100 using onyx...... bollocks are they!

      gotta love 'print managment'...... it amazes me they manage to dress themselves in the morning
    2. kpone
      It's actually all fine art and purely photographic.

      I've got off quite lucky with dealing with photographers and artists (christ, I never thought I'd hear myself say that) in so far as colour is a much more subjective issue for them than it is for proofing purposes. The problem I have with dealing with artists is the issue of colour matching an image that only exists in their head. When I'm preparing an exhibition I can spend more time on expectation management than I can on the printing, but I've got an Epson 11880 so it pisses through the work quite swiftly once the job's signed off. That's why I like the Shiraz RIP. I can drive 100 miles, take the printer out of it's box, assemble it, commission it, install it, install the RIP, profile it, show the punter how to use it and still be home for tea. The latest versions have Team Viewer built in too, so I can support them from my desk.

      Nice to speak to a fellow sufferer.


    3. kpone
      Hiya mate. I've just been re reading the 'occupations' thread and saw the piece you wrote about selling RIPs. There's not that many of us about. Well, at least not on FireBlades.

      We're Pro Focus Dealers for Epson and service about 150 customers with the various versions of AIT's Shiraz RIP, usually rebadged as Fuji ImageHunter.
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