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Oct 24, 2013
Apr 27, 2011
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Senior Member, from Llanelli, United Kingdom

dan.1moore1 was last seen:
Oct 24, 2013
    1. kpone
      Dan ignore my last message, I've sussed it
    2. kpone
      Dan mate, I'm struggling to embed a video I uploaded to photobucket for the 'another fail' thread. It's a bit of a gag thread but doesn't work without the video so I might as well delete it but I can't delete a thread. Can you dump it from your end mate.
    3. BladeRR8
      Hi Dan

      Hope your well mate and all the best for 2012 (a little late I know)

      Just a quick question. Did you notice a performance / handling improvement when you fitted the forged wheels. I know all the magazie say its the best mod you can do but I wanted a real world honest answer from some one I can trust.

      Cheers mate - Steve
    4. Garyb
      You got some proper fast roads there, mind i was in an artic so didnt bother me, pleased a stayed at my 50mph on the A490 heading to Ross nice little van sat there :(
      but we will get over one day :)
    5. Garyb
      Thats the place mate, i was at the Tesco distribution depot,
    6. Garyb
      Got within a few miles of you yesterday Dan. Did a drop in Magor, then went to Pontrhydyrun to collect some insulation.
      I'll catch you one day mate ;)
    7. kpone
      Here Dan, is it it just some quirk of layout on my iPad but all day there's been an annoying 'we buy any bike' advert over the login windows at the top of my screen and the only way I can get in is to hit the login button without entering anything so that I get diverted to the naughty page and told to do it properly.
    8. Repsol Rob
      Repsol Rob
      Well thank to "our Ken" i ve a family that resembles th Waltons now !! lol cheers
    9. Benn The Pig
    10. Remal
      Dan you need to get a proper PC and not a apple. working fine my end
    11. Jimbo Vills
      Jimbo Vills
      think you might be right mate!! moment of madness
    12. Jimbo Vills
      Jimbo Vills
      think you might be right dude! moment of madness.... ha ha
    13. dave d
      dave d
      hi dan got them posted ken sorted em for me and hes given me a heads up gonna try n resizeem later. there in 2004 to 2007 blades iwas doing it wrong lol. i managed to get some posted in my album by using my own picture libary anyway all done now told u i was useless wi a laptop. selling girlfriends leather jacket so when that appears youl know i ve cracked. cheers bud enjoy the nec!!
    14. kpone
      Dan, check out the new show us your garage thread. Nutty's got this idea for winding Craig up. He's got a ltd edition mick doohan print. One of only ten. She's trying to get eleven people to say they've got one too. Post on and say you've got one and I'll try and rustle up some others.
    15. kpone
      Wotcha mate. I know you've covered this before for me but I'm trying to get it straight in my head in case it's me doing something wrong. I know that flash won't play back on the iPad and that a lot of YouTube is now embedded with HTML 5, but I've just been scrolling back through the YouTube thread and can't see any of them. Only a few of them actually show as links and the ones that do just come up as 'can't load video'. All the rest are just a blank space in the thread. Is that just the way it is with IOS, or am I missing something.
    16. kpone
      The Rum Diary looks good, Dan. Although it's supposed to be fiction, Thompson is pretty much describing himself in the book. Plus, from the clips I've seen Depp is playing the lead as his version of Thompson in Fear & Loathing. They were great friends in real life and it was Depp that Thompson got to fire his ashes out of a cannon when he died.
    17. kpone
      Thanks again mate.
    18. kpone
      Quick brain pick mate?

      I haven't put this bloody iPad down for the last fortnight. LOL. I'm having to live down being anti mac for years and being caught with it tucked under my arm everywhere.

      Anyway, I've noticed that a lot of the youtubes on here aren't visible to it, which I surmise is a Flash thing, but some of them I can see okay. What am I missing here?


    19. kpone
      Here Dan. Just a thought. I've noticed that quite a few members are missing the point of visitors messages and are posting replies in their own message box, so the recipient doesn't know they've got a message unless they re visit their correspondent's profile page.

      Perhaps a sticky in forum announcements about the correct procedure?

      What do you think?

      I'm happy to post it, just didn't want to go there if it's in the Admin pervue and step on any toes.

    20. kpone
      Coming to you in tonight's post, dude.
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