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Apr 3, 2019
Oct 11, 2011
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dave d

Elite Member, from rotherham sth yorkshire

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Apr 3, 2019
    1. fez.57
      you should come to whitby, we have a waterfall and its FREE, i have a mate who is a fireblade owner who knows the way so i am trying to get him to come along, i just hope and pray for nice weather
    2. fez.57
      if nobody else will be meeting at sherburn then i will certainly meet you somewhere before we head to hawes as i wouldnt like to think you were ridding all that way on your own

      (also i dont know the way for the last 30 odd miles ) :)
    3. dave d
      dave d
      yeah mate gonna hawes,was just wondering if you were still gonna sherburn thats all,just didnt fancy gonna all way to hawes on my own as theres nobody near me. if your gonna go straight to hawes will see if theres a place we can hook up!
    4. fez.57
      yeh, i hope we can get a good turn out, will you be coming to hawes or is that a bit too far for you ?
    5. fez.57
      im not sure yet mate if enough people are happy to go sherburn and then ride up to hawes then i will be ok to do that
    6. fez.57
      am i ok to add you to the list for the ride out then mate, as soon as i get replys from people i will try to sort out a route
    7. Si.
      Cheers mate!
    8. kpone
      Sort of good news then. Only a tenner down but a back up battery in the hand.
    9. kpone

      I'm going to be away next week and have purposefully picked somewhere without internet access. So just in case you and Karen have already jetted off to your nuptials when I get back I thought I'd better drop you a line while I think of it and wish you both all the best for the day. Not that you'll be required other than just turning up, of course, as we all know the geezer has the same importance as the wedding cake on the day. Unnecessarily expensive and difficult to transport, but woe betide it doesn't get there on time.

      Take care mate.


      PS: Your inbox is full.
    10. BLAGGERS
      Thanks for that mate, but defo want repsol. There's a company in England do the chinese ones for £380. A week delivery.at most, no pissing about with customs etc. Waiting to do a rewire in next few weeks then can get it ordered. The rebuild thread is imminent! :-)
    11. MrB
      Thank you
    12. dave d
    13. fireblader28
      Hello mate, yes it fits both models. Would do it for £25 delivered. Pics of it on the bike on my profile somewhere! Cheers
    14. dave d
    15. dave d
    16. dave d
    17. BLAGGERS
      yea, no worries. always up fer a pootle.;)
    18. BLAGGERS
      just sending this using pc. normally visit the site via phone, so am not sure you recieved 2 messages from me?
    19. dave d
    20. kpone
      Cool, dude.

      I guess I'll just retire quietly to my villa in the Caribbean now then.
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