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Apr 3, 2019
Oct 11, 2011
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dave d

Elite Member, from rotherham sth yorkshire

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Apr 3, 2019
    1. Repsol Rob
      Repsol Rob
      cheers pal best....est friend ever !.........
    2. Repsol Rob
      Repsol Rob
      and you lot fell for that sob story......how does he know im sad we ve never met ! lol
    3. kpone

      I'm trying to get as many people as possible to send friend requests to Repsol Rob. Cos he's a sad git. Call it a christmas present.
    4. kpone
      You could say that. We had our first banned, non spamming, member while you were away. It all got a bit unpleasant.
    5. kpone
      Dave D back in the house.

      Good trip, mate?
    6. kpone
      Cracking, mate, I've booked two holidays for next year and I've got the bubble to settle on the car in may so it'll be fish fingers for Xmas dinner 2012' but jeanette loves her holidays and sulks like a bastard if she don't get 'em. So I'm happy to skint meself for a quiet life.

      Have a great time Dave and don't drink any water.
    7. stevebetts
      Hi Dave.
      Just scanned them into the PC, uploaded to photobucket, then copy the link to here
    8. dave d
      dave d
      sweet that! but it does leave a dilemma when suns out must admit. we went up thru dales to robin hoods bay an across nth yorks moors on a red hot day in summer you really cant beat it if u wanna treat the missus. bit selfish on bike so make the effort to try n do both.
    9. kpone
      Got it from new a year ago last may. A paying off the mortgage present to ourselves


      It's the 2.0 litre roadster with the folding hardtop, bilsteins all around, Bose sound, factory fitted induction kit, strut braces, cruise, the works. It's my indulgence. Or one of my indulgences as Jeanette's just pointed out.

      Gotta have 'em, I expect to be dead for a long time. LOL.
    10. kpone
      I love it. I've got a rule. If its not raining the roofs down. It wakes me up on the way to work, it blows off the webs on the way home. This morning there was frost on the ground, I had the heater blowing on my hands full blast and the seat heaters on and the Bose turned up ear bleedingly high.

      Almost made it worth going to work.


      And it's nice going quick on the outside without my body armour for a change.
    11. dan.1moore1
      No worries fella.. Glad its sorted . Ill catch up with you on the forum

    12. kpone
      So Dave, is that your Mazda in the pictures?
    13. kpone
      I've stalked your photobucket account and resized the pictures in there to 800x600. For any new ones you put there select 'edit' pictures, 'resize', then look in the 'preset' drop down menu, select '800x600', click 'apply' then click 'replace original' and then go through the run through I gave you last night.

      That should do it...

      If not, take two aspirins and call me in the morning.
    14. kpone
      I've done it but they're a bit big. I was using Photobucket for iPad last night and you can't resize images in it unfortunately. With Photobucket for PC you can edit your images and change their size. A resolution of about 800x600 is about as big as you need for posting online.
    15. kpone
      Okay I've jacked your pics down onto my iPad so I've got them now.

      Just a quick run through.

      Upload your pictures onto photobucket

      View your album, then hover your mouse over the thumbnail, don't click yet. Wait for a list of codes to appear then click once on the 'image' code line.

      Very briefly you'll see a 'code copied' message flash up.

      Then go to your forum post and go to 'go advanced'.

      Type your text and where you want your pic to go just paste as you would in any other software. This embeds a link directly to the picture that then displays onto your post.

      Go through the process with each picture and you'll have your post.

      Get used to it then I'll talk to you about image sizing for the best display.

      Don't worry about it. It took me ages to sort it out and it's what I do for a living.
    16. kpone
      I see your cloth, nice. A good yorkshiremans alternative to photoshop. Daved66. Is that your password or your user name. I'll need them both to get into your account. That is if you're happy for me to go in there.
    17. kpone
      Well, I've just checked your profile and theres definitely an album there with your pictures in so you've got that far on your own mate.

      Do you mind if I stick you on my friends list to make it easier to jump backwards and forwards?
    18. kpone
      Lol. Well I am fond of you Dave but my dad's from Hull, so I'm a bit conflicted on that one. I'm about to hit my pit mate but I'll have a look tomorrow for you. I won't be able to move them, you'll need one of the moderators for that. I might be able to hijack them and re post them but I can only do it from my profile not yours. Have you tried to open a photobucket account yet?
    19. kpone
      all done dave.

      What you need to do is run the youtube video and right mouse click in the screen. Select 'copy video URL', then go to the post screen on the forum and click 'go advanced'. in there there's a little icon of a piece of film. Thats the insert video button. Click on that and a new window will appear. Paste the URL that you copied from youtube in the new window and ok it then post. That will insert a link in your post directly to the video back on youtube so there's no downloading involved.


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