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    This was in the Chesterfield area yesterday.... :eek: C'mon @Mr_Chin_LK ....pull your finger out....we can't have the gixxer lot...

    Screenshot_2020-10-21-19-43-28-1.png Screenshot_2020-10-21-19-43-13-2.png Oct 23, 2020 at 7:40 AM
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    [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Said goodbye to the Blade on Friday :( my MT10 went in for Servicing and the results were not good. The suspension...

    0C7C678A-3920-4242-B21E-F58F8ACA8BB8.jpeg F03EE905-7AB7-4219-859A-257E1585C79B.jpeg Oct 19, 2020