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Jun 27, 2015
Jan 27, 2011
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Dec 8, 1958 (Age: 63)
Northiam, near Hastings

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Well-Known Member, 63, from Northiam, near Hastings

megawatt was last seen:
Jun 27, 2015
    1. kpone
      Maybe that's my problem then cos I'm grumpy all the time. I'll get it out in the post to you mate. Apologise to her for me would you.

      Probably have to be looking towards June now, there's so much been going on here and will continueto for the next few weeks. We're off to Jersey for a week then things should settle down.

      My brothers on about a run up to the historic dockyard in Chatham at some point but that might be out of your way a bit. Might meet up with Jimbo if it happens. Have to see.
    2. kpone
      I swear I am losing my capacity to think.
    3. kpone

      Did I actually put a DVD in with Jane's prints. The reason I ask is I've just found one in the bottom of my rucksack and I don't remember making a copy.
    4. megawatt
      Just emptied it mate. Not heard from Claire for ages. Will text her tomorrow.
    5. kpone
      Alan, have you heard from Claire lately. Maybe she's on holiday but she was online briefly one night last week but didn't post. I hope she's okay, especially after Allan had a nasty tumble the week before.

      Your inbox is full again
    6. megawatt
      Cheers mate, no rush then. They are done when you,re happy with em. Inbox part emptied.
    7. kpone
      You can't.

      I can't.

      My boss must be fucking raking it in.

      I want them to be right mate, and I'm doing it in between other jobs which is what's taking the time. I've been overwhelmed with stuff for a huge trade show in Birmingham next week so come Wednesday, when it's over things will be back to a lower depth of chaos.

      When I've finished I'll stick them onto DVD so you can get reprints whenever.

      Your inbox is full again by the way
    8. megawatt
      Try now mate?
    9. kpone
      Your inbox is full mate.
    10. kpone
      'fraid so. The bit where I'm supposed to be teaching colour theory to the young lad I asked the camera man what he wanted me to say and he said just talk bollocks, so I'm just saying bollocks bollocks bollocks over and over again with appropriate hand gestures.
    11. kpone
      You can see the print scanner here

      Focal Point Imaging
    12. kpone
      I can do the print. Piece of piss but it's not legal so best sorted via PM. The only trouble is I'd either need a decent quality scan as a digital file or you need to get the book to me so I could scan it for you.

      Copyright law is quite plain but there is a loophole. It's legal to copy copyrighted books for educational purposes, so if you can get hold of a student and a repro house that understands the law (rare), you could get a decent scan at your end and just send me a disc.

      No bullshit though mate, I'm good at this shit, very good, and I'm more than happy to bend the rules for a mate, but I'd need the book or a good scan to proceed.
    13. kpone
      No. You are Angelos.
    14. kpone
      I know that now ya muppet but I had to rummage through your inbox to find out.

      It is pretty nasty though. Lucky you was ugly to begin with.
    15. kpone
      Meg's mate.

      You've got to get your head around this visitor message mularky. When you reply to a visitor message you have to do it on their profile page not yours else we don't know you're replying and just think you're an ignorant git.


    16. megawatt
      Shark fishing in the Indian Ocean off South Africa. I was the bait!!!
    17. kpone
      How the fuck did you get that scar?
    18. megawatt
      Yes mate , well up for it.
    19. kpone
      Megs mate you can't upset me. It'd take a much nastier bastard than you could ever manage.

      That don't mean I ain't coming after you mind. LOL.

      I'd love to come but it's now become a 300 mile round trip on me jack which'll be a late night Sunday and I've got shed loads on at work on monday. It'd be shit hot to meet all you guys I now think of as mates, a thing I don't do lightly, even though I've not met a one of you. You'd probably regret it if I got you in a corner anyway and started grilling you about your work. You've probably worked out I can be a bit of a geek by now and getting access to a player would trigger my inner nerd.

      Have a great day mate and give my best to all the guys and Nutty.

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    Dec 8, 1958 (Age: 63)
    Northiam, near Hastings
    Been riding for 35 years. My Blade for 4. Do my own servicing and fettling. Like to help others with less knowledge and confidence.
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