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    This can be either motorcylce or non motorcycle related items.
    To achieve this privilege it is considered good etiquette that a post count of at least 20 or more before using this free service. If you have less than 20 posts or post in the wrong area of the forum your thread will be removed.
    All that is required, the goods you have for sale are legitimate.
    No selling of firearms,narcotics,animals,children, or illegal Goods.
    The buyer nor seller can hold responsible for any unfortunate outcomes. The forum and the owners, moderators and Administrators have nothing to do with members selling items on this form.
    Items deemed inappropriate will be removed from view.
    If you have nothing positive to say about items for sale on this forum then please reference from posting. As your posts may be removed and you may be removed from the forum. if you have any issues then please do this via private message.
    The forum owners, Moderators and Administrators would please ask that you get a contact name, telephone number and address before handing over any money. This is only advice but worth taking beforehand

    If you are a commercial business and would like to take advantage of the forum advertising?
    Please contact Admin for advice before posting as your posts will be removed.
    If you are unsure about having permission to post or items for sale? please ask a moderator before doing so.
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