BMW Rider Improvement days (track days) 2024

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    I have read the advertising thread
    I am not affiliated with the BMW club, but do believe they offer a less competatice track day experince that may be of benifit to forum members.

    I have been using these guys for a few years. They only do 3 track days, or as the organiser has termed them 'rider improvement days', so not a commercial venture. And yes, even though they are the BMW club blades and other (road legal) bikes are welcome. Highly recommend for someone who has never done a track day before. The novice class remains with an instructor for most of the day. They are a bit more expensive than other track days, but a differne experince.

    7th May 2024
    Ride Friendly Cadwell Park Full Circuit, Lincolnshire

    10th June 2024
    Ride Friendly Cadwell Park Full Circuit, Lincolnshire

    20th August 2024
    Ride Friendly Snetterton 300 Circuit, Norfolk

    £160 Club Members
    £175 Non-Club Members
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