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Discussion in 'Trackdays' started by Singh1000RR, May 15, 2019.

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    I have a set of Race Tech tyre warmers which draw (according to manufacturer) 1065 Watts of power - Front 440W & Rear 625W

    I've been at a few track days where I've struggled for power and have ended up running it behind other bikes and across garages. So I thought I'd look to invest in a cheapish generator (2nd hand if possible).

    What do other people use? You can get plenty of portable genny's for less than 1000W on ebay and facebook market but they wouldn't (I believe) work for me.

    Do tyre warmers really draw 1000+ watts? I'm now looking at 1200W+ but the price goes up significantly.

    Anything I should look out in terms of brand/type?
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    Jun 30, 2012
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    I looked in to this to see if my genny could run 2 sets.
    Essentially the max rating for my 120/200 MotoGP warmers is 392W for the Front and 647W for the rear, so a max total of 1039W max.
    I wanted to check this so I bought a Clamp Meter, which measured the real world current draw at 4.2A for the pair when cold. This soon drops to 4.0A.
    In watts thats 1008W @ 240v.
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