Munky’s RR8 road bike

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    Here’s my Fireblade RR8 I’ve had since November to replace my RR11 that got stolen was pretty much stock with just a carbon exhaust when I got it since then it’s had few changes:

    Fireblade 2008
    Shift Power quickshift
    Calipers and master from RR11
    Pazzo leavers
    SC Project exhaust
    Wavey disks
    Fast road pads
    RR11 rear shock
    Softer Ktech rear spring
    Sato hooks
    Custom tail tidy
    Integrated rear light with indicators
    HID dip beam
    Sp seat cowl
    Black double bubble screen
    Metzler M7rr’s
    R&G mirror blanks

    Next mods plan are
    Power comander
    BMC induction kit (or similar)
    Adjustable rear sets
    Brembo master cylinder (depending how the RR11 brakes feel)
    Metzler racetecs for summer!

    D8A47954-EB73-4C9C-8482-0297743DB8A5.jpeg FCAAE398-515C-4E25-99C8-C2BE525D76FD.jpeg 686D68D0-D89C-4650-A01E-18B2719B37AC.jpeg

    D8A47954-EB73-4C9C-8482-0297743DB8A5.jpeg FCAAE398-515C-4E25-99C8-C2BE525D76FD.jpeg 686D68D0-D89C-4650-A01E-18B2719B37AC.jpeg 13D733BC-9806-4C25-8997-3D0F7CC52C7A.jpeg 1BDC6FC2-54F3-4CD7-A9D7-574A8E0A639B.jpeg
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