Powerbronze Black Friday & Christmas Sale 2019 Starts NOW!!!

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    Hi Everyone,

    Hope you are well ?

    From today (28th November) until 00:00 GMT December 31st, Powerbronze will be running a 15% off sale on our UK website (www.powerbronze.co.uk)

    This means that the normal forum discount of 10% using the UKFORUM1 will be disabled until January 1st 2020.

    To get the discount, simply enter the new promotion code PBX19 into the discount codes section of the shopping cart to get 15% off as per the second image.Make sure you press the Apply Coupon button otherwise the discount will not apply

    Free UK mainland delivery can be received when your order total reaches over £100.

    Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any offer.

    If you could send me your order numbers so that I can track orders that come from the forum, please do so by private message.

    All the best,


    XMAS SALE 2019. WEBSITE.jpg Xmas code.JPG
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    Just put a cheeky order in for heel guards reading this ;-)

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