Singer 99K 1933 Unusual Christmas present ?

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    Bit unusual for our forum, but thought I’d float it anyway.

    Mrs KB has a large collection on modern and vintage machines, of which I am the designated mechanic.

    Finally she’s decided some must go to free up space.

    This machine is a fine example of American/British engineering, the serial number Y8921992 dates it to a production run starting 10 June 1993.

    These machines will sew as good today as the day they left the factory, and unlike many modern electric machines can sew from the lightest fabrics to leather.

    The 3rd world gobbles these up as they don’t need an electric supply to work.

    So it’s a fully working functional machine or a interesting decorative item.

    I have fully serviced, cleaned and adjusted it, so it sews perfectly with all stitch lengths and tensions correct and fully adjustable. The only new parts required were a needle, felt pad and bobbin winder rubber O ring, showing just how well designed and manufactured the items were. It’s good to go for another 87 years or more.

    As you would expect at its age, there are some age related marks, but this machines gold leaf embossing is intact and the overall condition is good to very good, the face plate is of the earlier decorative type without any rusting as many on offer are to be found with, with just the hand crank case shows some signs of wear to the enamelled finish as shown in pic.

    It comes with the original 1933 user manual, and the case has a fully operative lock and key.

    Pictures show the internals of the machine and their condition after servicing.

    The machine slides into the case and there’s a lid that’s not shown in the pic that goes on and latches and locks.

    Looking for £100

    AB39EC55-DD98-4E35-A683-C676A47D9481.jpeg 59423BDD-03D8-4C75-8DBD-765E3A6BDBDC.jpeg D7890031-3244-4A22-8624-EED3E7BBE44E.jpeg 6ED2EA76-A224-4CEE-8C1F-1889307007FD.jpeg 8F29F481-5F46-4E70-B80B-FB7EB8392DEE.jpeg 330CACBE-A1B7-48F2-B8E5-81913351F49D.jpeg C7068786-43E0-4C9F-B348-BAF28C44646B.jpeg E442F847-2A0E-47D7-B7C9-ED3EB050E8AC.jpeg D3BE7A93-F86B-40B7-A392-127DFB76C7F6.jpeg DF4DCF30-D6DB-41BF-A8C2-9F0A2D098B46.jpeg
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