Suspected Gearbox Problems!

Discussion in 'Maintenance' started by lukereeves92, Oct 10, 2018 at 5:54 PM.

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    Hi all this Is my 1st post, (2005 cbr1000rr 20k miles)

    recently I got a new tyre so obviously I burned the old tyre out.

    got the new tyre fitted and I put the back wheel on and when I set away could feel a clunking in my feet. I checked everything over and hadn't made a mistake putting the wheel back on etc.

    the clunking is every in gear apart from neutral and when running it on the paddock stand the chain was jumping every so often as the clunking occured and the bike was wobbling. the clunking is not constant it comes on and off.

    I then took the chain and sprockets off, I noticed the front had some slight play but shortly after found out this was how its meant to be. anyway the bike wasn't shaking anymore but I could still hear the clunking although it was much less pronounced than when the wheel was on.

    I've now inspected the clutch and the plates look pretty much new to me, I haven't measured the friction plates but im pretty certain they look fine and not worn. I did notice when I turn the centre part of the clutch there was a considerable amount of backlash before the wheel span (with the chain and wheel back on).

    there is a thin chain and a sprocket underneath where the clutch is where I found the chain feels considerable loose but im doubting this has much to do with it.

    I'm on reading a manual at the minute trying to work shit out as im not the most experienced as you can tell! im hoping this is just a bearing in the gearbox which is a quick fix. I'd really appreciate any help any of the experienced guys could offer!
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    the chain you refer to is the oil pump chain. have the cush drives been replaced correctly, or are they worn ?

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