Aug 18, 2011
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A very helpful Gent, from UK

Shocks are the same mate (ohlins has adjustable bottom eye), so is swing arm afaik, linkage was revised on the 06-07 if I recall. Jun 10, 2015

    1. arthurbikemad
      Shocks are the same mate (ohlins has adjustable bottom eye), so is swing arm afaik, linkage was revised on the 06-07 if I recall.
      1. daz1
        thanks mate
        Jun 11, 2015
    2. daz1
      hi Arthur can you help mate what do I need to change on my bike cbr1000 rr 4 to put a cbr 1000 rr 6/7 ohlins rear shock on my bike thanks darran
    3. RepsolSam
      Hi Arthur...did you have a website...i remember seeing it but do not remember
      1. arthurbikemad
        Hi mate, yes, :)
        May 1, 2015
    4. arthurbikemad
    5. diabolik
      Hi Arthur,
      just fitted some M4 calipers plus disks and realised that the spacer on the axle carrier/fork needed to come out for a proper fit. Just googling I came across your mails regarding the dowels that you have made to locate the caliper in a more stable position on the axle holder. Can you let me know how to get hold of four of these and how much it will cost? Thanks Andy
    6. ChrisOzzz
      Thanks for the info about the PCV & Autotune.
      Sometimes the tech is more interesting than watching them race...
    7. arthurbikemad
      Note to all:-

      HM Quickshifter Plus, inc shift road is £375.00 plus 6.50 postage.

    8. kpone
      Cheers Art.
    9. arthurbikemad
      Hi mate, the shift support defo works and the play does cause for a clunky feel to the box, I always use the supports where I can as they have always given much better feel to the box..
    10. kpone
      Although I've never found a false neutral on the 954, I am aware there's a certain 'agricultural' feel to the shift. There's a bit of talk on here about the Gilles shift support and how it improves shifting and helps preserve the box on my model. Do you feel that the 'clunk' is part and parcel of the overly long, unsupported shift rod and that a support would improve it, or would it just help ward off finding gaps between cogs?
    11. arthurbikemad
      One last thing mate I will say thats a good price for the 125, they are 4,200.00 new at the mo!
    12. arthurbikemad
      Thay are flat mate, but like a say the 250 is the nuts it has perfect power to weight, hard to find as people just dont sell them, they last too! :)
    13. dave d
      dave d
      cheers arth will keep an eye oprn for a 250,was worried it wouldnt make enogh power.
    14. arthurbikemad
      lol good old days mate! They are OK but do have CATS and PAIR systems, watch out as new FI WR's can also require PCV to map them, I have a dyno chart on another PC looks like a saw blade its so rough but bike ran well just can not remember for the life of me what power! I will look, as I say as far as tune ups go same stuff, cams, big bore, pipe, filter, PCV can get expencive! Best off road bike money can buy IMO is a WR250! Its perfect, alloy frame model from 2007 but the steel ones are still ace! Shame they hold value but at this time cost 7k new!!! I have the 450 and its way too much for off road, its now a supermoto!!! :D
    15. dave d
      dave d
      yeah arthur just for a bit of fun and the odd commute was just wondering how they were restricted or thats all the engine makes. when we were kids on rd125lc and dt125lc you could put microns on to bypass the restrictions.
    16. arthurbikemad
      Oh hang on its eBay thats down, it reads come back later...will check again..
    17. arthurbikemad
      Hi mate, the listing has gone... :( The are a lot of fun but down on power, what you after green lane bike etc?
    18. dave d
      dave d
      2009 Yamaha WR 125 R black learner legal enduro trail bike | eBay
      hi arthur was thinking of buying summat for a bit of fun was just wondering whats the max power i can expect out of this iremember back in the days when you could put a micron on a rd125lc and get 21 bhp are they restricted like the old days cheers mate.
    19. arthurbikemad
      Hello mate! Good thanks and yes on all the forums I know what you mean about belts and shims mate as I don't even do my own at my workshop but a good mate of mine works at a local dealer so he comes to my workshop with the gear and does it there! It's a big downer the tools need to work properly on the desmo heads and timing gear for cams! Bugs the life out of me!.. Post a pic of your blade mate :)
    20. phantom
      well hows, you.are you still on the ducati forum as well or just here now?
      I sold the 848 and got another blade(can service this one myself)
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