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Oct 16, 2022
Oct 11, 2011
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dave d

Elite Member, from rotherham sth yorkshire

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Oct 16, 2022
    1. dave d
    2. Freedom of choice
      Freedom of choice
      Thanks for the Link Dave, the chrome wrap looks really nice but I think it would be a bugger to live with.
    3. dave d
      dave d
      Santa | PNP - Portable North Pole | Free personalized video message
    4. dave d
    5. dave d
    6. kpone
      I keep trying to get a business trip to St Albans so I can get to go here.

      Mosquito Aircraft Museum - de Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre

      I can't think of any other reason to go there though. My brother bought me a certified piece of wreckage from a crashed Mosquito for my birthday last year and I wrote to them with photographs, asking if they could tell me exactly what the component is but they never even responded to my email. I've just checked their website and there's no mention of the first flight anywhere.
    7. kpone
      I saw that. It's some sight, eh? And the sound of those synced Merlins when they reverb never gets old. It's never going to get shown over here but, all the same I'm chuffed that there is one that's now airworthy. One of the main arguments has always been the moulds for forming the fuselage were impossible to reproduce. Well, now they've got some, so let's see the deHavilland Trust at Salisbury Hall get their fingers out.
    8. kpone
      I've heard rumours of one being rebuilt in Australia for years but there's never been anything anywhere that I've been able to find to confirm it. I really thought it couldn't happen. It is so difficult to reproduce the structure of the mosquito without full factory resources and funding. What these guys have done goes far beyond rebuilding a stressed metal airframe. I can't explain it in a mere email. The bonded ply/balsa/ply laminate has to be formed around a mould, exactly like the halves of an air fix kit.

      Words fail me.
    9. SteveBuxx
      Nice one Dave, cheers
      Ps - Just uploaded pics!
    10. fez.57
      good night at squires ?, i couldnt get there as the mrs has gone out for a few drinks
    11. fez.57
      I will see what i can do. bob said he is coming this time but he is away at the moment so he should be coming with you aswell
    12. fez.57
      Im not sure as i dont finish work untill 5 so i will just wait and see. if i dont make it i will see you on sunday. have you got your meeting times arranged
    13. fez.57
      ok thanks, bloody thing its empty now
    14. fez.57
      Now then. i will be at squires this wednesday if the weathers good. are you going
    15. dave d
    16. kpone
      I came out of retirement for one last wedding about three years ago. First one I'd shot digitally. I took 600 shots. The last one I did before, I think I shot about 90.
      I almost got lumbered with another one last month. It's the bloody children of the people I did in the '80's.
    17. kpone
      Cracking shot Dave. One for the wall?
    18. dave d
    19. Jimbo Vills
      Jimbo Vills
      ha ha - quality ! save it for the dolomites mate - that place is awesome....

      the route napoleon is incredible though, such an amazing day... each time i go i forget how good it is... got to be done mate.
    20. fez.57
      Yeh thats fine. me and ash will probably just meet rich and then head over
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