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Jul 17, 2018
Jun 20, 2011
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Feb 21, 1989 (Age: 35)

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Well-Known Member, 35, from whitby

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Jul 17, 2018
    1. Hudson
      I will check my shifts on Monday (when i am back after my 2 weeks hols) and see what i am on. Where do you all meet up ?
    2. AshBlade
      No Mr t wont e there he`s in Spain again........:rolleyes:
    3. robinh73
      Hi Fez, I am going to struggle to get there unfortunately, as I have some track time booked on the race bike and need to get it set up for my first race at the end of August. Gutted, as I would love to get there, but if plans change, then I shall let you know.
    4. BoroRich
      It's a tricky one really. I haven't had that bolt out yet it's stripped. The bike's got frame sliders so that means that someone's had to have had that bolt out at some point. They sold the bike as being in mint condition but it's got this problem and they sold it like that. I'm sure I'll have to pay something to have it fixed but I'm hoping that they'll accept some degree of culpability in the matter and keep the labour costs to a minimum.
    5. BoroRich
      Yeah I figure it won't take them that long. It's just a case of arguing the toss with them about who's going to pay for the repairs :D
    6. BoroRich
      Yeah it's still that issue. I don't suppose that there's any issue with riding it while it's like that. If I can't get it out with a socket set I doubt it's going to work its way loose but I'd ideally like to get it sorted. I'm taking it back to the dealer and letting them take a look at it. I guess it depends on how fast they can turn it around.
    7. BoroRich
      Yeah, mate. Assuming of course that I've got me bike sorted by then :D
    8. dave d
      dave d
      will do either mate, your PM box is full .....
    9. dave d
      dave d
      cant make it mate on afters next week,can do following week,will message you nearer time av a good 1....
    10. AshBlade
      Wednesday at squires sounds good........ weather permitting of course.:D
    11. Jonny fireblade
      Jonny fireblade
      Thankss for the nod about rideout, I am working the sunday night, as tempting as the ride is, I think it will be a no for now. Might check how many hols I have left to use 1 of them! If I don't make it have a safe ride m8
    12. AshBlade
      Just got in,had a great ride out its a shame i couldn't stay longer in Whitby.
    13. AshBlade
      All been well i should be there,as long as theres no fog or thunder storms...::D
    14. BoroRich
      Now then, mate. How was your ride back once I'd left the two of you?

      Either of those dates sounds good to me. Off the top of my head I don't think I've got anything planned.
    15. Garyb
      Fez. Again mate great day. I reckon there are 12 very happy people today.
      Let's hope we can do this again. Very soon.
      Thanks for getting the ball rolling man. Let's look to the next one.
      Your roads next I think ;!
    16. AshBlade
      What time are we meeting at Helmsley Ive deleted all my messages.:rolleyes:
    17. AshBlade
      Yeah got your text,Well done Fez on getting this one together.Its going to be fun,carnt wait to see all those Fireblades together.
    18. Garyb
      If its not raining mate when Im ready for meeting the guys at Preston I'll be in. I've missed to many days out opening my curtains and thinking sack that only for the weather to be mint 5 miles away.
      As I said on my post I'll send you a txt when we are at Caton, sure you will see it at some point? you will then know we are all only an hour away from Hawes. Looking forwards to it mate.
      It's certainly getting the right vibes. We deserve a decent day just for the effort alone.
      Ride safe man. See you at Hawes around 12 ish.
    19. AshBlade
      Anthony Eden........Hes from Barnsley and a shy member of the forum.:)
    20. AshBlade
      Looks like another one is meeting us there (at hawes) Mr T.Ive told him all the arrangements.
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    Feb 21, 1989 (Age: 35)
    Hi all, not much to tell about me really just your average 22 year old, married to an amazing wife and blessed with the most beautiful daughter possible, weeknights and weekends is when i come alive and am able to do the 1 thing that we all love and that keeps us from going mad :)


    2008 cbr 1000 rr , powder coated wheels, custom painted bellypan,front + rear hugger,chain guard and leo vince infill pannel, honda tinted screen, pazzo stubby b&c levers, GPR thunderslash exhaust, hel f+r brake lines, accossato rear sets, motografix number board, carbon petrol cap cover, sbs brake pads, D.I.D gold x ring chain, diablo rosso corsa's, honda rear seat cowl, R&G tail tidy, mini indicators, small plate, reservoir cover,professional suspension set-up,
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