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Jul 17, 2018
Jun 20, 2011
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Feb 21, 1989 (Age: 35)

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Well-Known Member, 35, from whitby

fez.57 was last seen:
Jul 17, 2018
    1. lee711
      Yep, up for this, i've got to pm Si yet, cuz will probably be coming up with him once the details are sorted.
    2. Si.
      Yes...defoo mate.!!
    3. BoroRich
      Yeah. I'm looking forward to it, mate. I like the idea of Hawes that's been mentioned. I dunno if it's a common route but at least once a year I run down the A19 to Northallerton and then across the A684 through Leyburn to Hawes and then on to Kendal. Then up the A6 to Penrith and over the Hartside and back to Teesside. I'm guessing that if we're meeting people from all over the North, that would give most of them a fair chance to intercept the group at some point.
    4. dave d
      dave d
      yeah mate thanks.
    5. kpone
      I've come to the conclusion you were right all along about calling cards and have been playing about with them on our mini lab this morning. If you fancy seeing how your one worked out, send me it on

      [email protected].

      I'll drop it onto a template sheet that'll fit the printer and run some off for you.
    6. kpone
      He's a bit odd. He swapped a Silver Shadow for the Porsche. He gets up one day and thinks, 'I fancy a so and so' so out comes the auto trader and he'll go anywhere to get it. He said to me the other day, " I've never ridden a FireBlade. I'll have to buy one". So I said " have a go on mine, you may not like it". "no, it's alright. It's about time I bought one".
    7. kpone
      This blokes got two 'Busa's, an R1, a thunderbolt, a ZZR1400, a Cerbera, a 911, a BMW 850, a B King, a VMax, this poxy BMW, a couple of scratch built off roaders and he spends day in and day out on a bloody push bike.
    8. kpone
      Thought of you today mate. The guy I bought the Ducati from turned up at work on some poxy BMW commuter bike with a belt drive. Bloody horrible it was but his registration is FE57 something, something Z. I'll get a picture if he brings it in again.
    9. AshBlade
      Yes i just might do that i haven't been up to Whitby for a bit.I'm going to Oasis tonight for my tea.:)
    10. drewl999
      sorry for the long delay in replying, ive been away a lot with work at the moment. unfortunately im away all june and july too so cant meet up then, but ill definately be up for it next time, be nice to put faces to some of the names...
    11. BoroRich
      Hello mate. I've not got anything planned so yeah that should be good for me.
    12. BLAGGERS
      Should make it for then mate. Sweet.
    13. AshBlade
      Ill be there all been well,it will be nice to meet you all.Did you arrange the weather ????
    14. BLAGGERS
      Alright mate?
      The weather is holding me up. I need a decent day to get the bike out the shed and fit the clip on. Then I can take it to my friends garage and strip it down to check the frame/engine. If they are ok, i'm hoping to be on the road end of may, assuming work keeps trickling in.
    15. AshBlade
      This weather is driving me nuts,ill have to do some house work in stead.:(
    16. AshBlade
      Fez,what the weather like up your way????I'm going out on my bike and i could do with a bit of sunshine.Its dry here but over cast and a bit cold.:)
    17. AshBlade
      Yes,the mad man has been spotted in Scarborough,but its ok they know who he is.Like that makes a difference.So Fez you can sleep sound in your bed tonight.They've probably got him by now.Ash.
    18. Jamiestrada
      Would be nice to get out on it..... if it ever stops raining FFS ! :)
    19. Jamiestrada
      It is easy mate, you need a 1.0 pitch double banjo bolt instead of the 1.25 Hel supply as the OE M/C that pitch, I was supplied with a double banjo in the box with the new M/C :) and to add you need to use all 4 copper washers supplied or it will not tighten enough on the Hel lines.

      I bought one from pro bolt just in case there was not one in the box, I still have it as I used the black brembo bolt, If you give me your address I could post it onto you as I paid £9 for it and would rather it got used than just sat in my parts draw :)

      The cylinder is two bolts, fit the reservoir, that I bought from them as well and bleed it after attaching the hoses. If I can help anymore please let me know Fez :)
    20. Jamiestrada
      :) lol glad bike does look super mint mate :)
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    Feb 21, 1989 (Age: 35)
    Hi all, not much to tell about me really just your average 22 year old, married to an amazing wife and blessed with the most beautiful daughter possible, weeknights and weekends is when i come alive and am able to do the 1 thing that we all love and that keeps us from going mad :)


    2008 cbr 1000 rr , powder coated wheels, custom painted bellypan,front + rear hugger,chain guard and leo vince infill pannel, honda tinted screen, pazzo stubby b&c levers, GPR thunderslash exhaust, hel f+r brake lines, accossato rear sets, motografix number board, carbon petrol cap cover, sbs brake pads, D.I.D gold x ring chain, diablo rosso corsa's, honda rear seat cowl, R&G tail tidy, mini indicators, small plate, reservoir cover,professional suspension set-up,
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