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Sep 12, 2017
May 12, 2011
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Somerset, UK

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JamieMultiTraitor, from Somerset, UK

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Sep 12, 2017
    1. Muhammad Hariz
      Muhammad Hariz
      Hi mate.... whenever you are available...please contact me throgh whatsapp at this number +60132482881...I have a few questions about Ohlins Fgrt 204. Please reply me A.S.A.P, Thank You.
    2. gringo
      Hi mate did you say you are selling Gilles chain adjusters if so are they black and how much
    3. jgraham562
      I'd be keen if you have another set
    4. Barney1
      Hi pm sent
    5. kpone
      They weren't high,about 1000 ft, they could have been drooping into Lympstone but they didn't look like they were descending and I'm close enough that they would have needed to be. There was armed forces day yesterday in Plymouth so they may have been coming from there, but I can't think where they'd be off to.
    6. kpone
      Hmm, house just got over flown by 4 Ospreys. First time I've seen one in the flesh. What an interesting bit of kit that is.
    7. kpone
      I think he was just eating too much into his gratuity getting his handy man business up and running. This is a four day on four day off arrangement so he can still keep his maintenance contracts running.

      You any closer to a decision on Filton?
    8. kpone
      JJ started working at Flybe this week. Stores organising like he was doing come the end at Yeovilton. I'm a bit worried he may be ordering off his old spreadsheets though. A C17, fully flapped and slatted just went over the office so low it could have parted my hair and it definitely was headed toward the Flybe hanger at Exeter Airport.
    9. kpone
      I've posted a new group up for us west country boys if you're interested mate.
    10. barry107
      Will do Jamie, i'll keep my ears to the ground mate.
    11. barry107
      Hi Jamie,

      I understand mate, I wanted to give you first refusal on it.

      I'll offer it up for anyone else.

    12. kpone
      Thanks mate. I never get bored with them.
    13. fez.57
      ok thanks for that i just wasnt sure if it would fit the hel brake lines with the brembo bolt being thinner but that sounds good, thanks for the offer but i wont be needing the bolt that you have as i dont have any spare cash for the next couple of months but i hope i will be able to start spending again mid summer,

      now get out and ride the damn thing so i know just how good it is
    14. fez.57
      is it easy to swap the standard m/c for the brembo 1 ?

      what other parts did you need to change as i thought the brembo m/c uses a thinner pitch banjo bolt than the standard 1
    15. fez.57
      nah not much point really unless everybody deletes theres, it did make me laugh so dont worry about it
    16. fez.57
      finished now, well kind of lol, feel free to post (again) now :)
    17. Andrew
      I haven't used it for months, plus VW have cut down on spares production due to it only ever selling in limited numbers due to the price when new. I'm sure spares won't become a major issue anytime soon, but i'd rather not have the hassle when that day does arrive.
    18. Andrew
      The supercharger should give between 350 and 400 bhp depending on other mods
    19. Andrew
      I'm going to be selling mine, but I need to sort a new MOT plus fix a small running issue.
      I've spent a small fortune on it what with upgraded brakes, suspension, topend rebuild and full respray!
    20. Andrew
      Being your a fan of the corrado here's a picture of mine:

      Mines a VR6 it's got a whole hoast of mods and a good few that haven't been fitted including a rotrex supercharger.
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    Somerset, UK
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    I started off on a repsol CBR400 nc23, then I had an R6 and two R1's a blue and a custom painted black and white. Then bought the 2010 CBR1000rr HRC. Recently sold the Blade to try out a Ducati 1098S... Now sold that and have a 2013 CB1000R ! Now sold that and have a 2103 Repsol Blade !!!!!
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