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Feb 5, 2019
Dec 5, 2011
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Active Member, from Wirral, (in me shed)

lee711 was last seen:
Feb 5, 2019
    1. Gblade
      Starbucks Coffee Co
      01244 281421
      BP Deeside Service Area, Parkway, Zone 2, Deeside Industrial Estate, Chester CH5 2NN
      Google Maps
    2. Garyb
      Mine hadn't turned a wheel. Back yard and that was it.
      Had a damn good clean though ;)
    3. Garyb
      Soon be Sunday mate ;)
    4. Gblade
      Hi update from Sunday's texts, hunts called me today to say the now can't do £250 for the sets the best they can do is £289...... Back to the drawing board. Where did you see them advertised?

    5. lee711
      Not a bad price mate but i'm concerned that 1 unit only, comes with helmet speakers and the other has a jack connector for connecting normal headphones, Quote "1 has standard helmet speakers and the other has a headphone jack for connection of normal headphones"
      what do you think ??
      Also they are boom mics and the last intercom i had with boom mics instead of wired mics got in the way and would catch when putting on and taking off your lid.

    6. Gblade
    7. Gblade
      Good stuff mate good idea. The pies are hops aren't they! PM me your number. Was hoping to get out tonight....fat chance!
    8. Si.
      Yup, deffo mate!
      you have my number i think???
    9. fez.57
      now then mate just checking if you are still wanting to come for the ride out i am trying to arrange, please let me know if you will be coming then i can plan a route that will be ok for everybody, thank you
    10. lee711
      Not done the pair mod yet, gonna look into it. Your right about that lovely growl .. mmmmmmmmmm nice..
    11. gixerator
      Well done, It makes a nice satisfying growl without the tubes shut. Have you done the paired mod?
    12. gixerator
      oh and block the tube to the motor. (which i'm sure you know)
    13. gixerator
      All the tubes, bottle behind the nose and the actuators can come out aswell, All that should be left is the two plugs which I routed both on the left with the other cables.
    14. gixerator
      Hi Lee,

      Nearly finished the bike, just having some scratches taken out of the swing arm, I have fitted the Upper fairing and ripped out the intake flapper.

      Ive missed riding its been ages!!!
    15. CoxHonda
      Hello Lee, The seals your looking at £40 including VAT and Postage, this is for the full seal set for the front caliper,

    16. lee711
      Hi mate,
      Glad to hear your getting things sorted.
      Regarding the gen cover, once the bolts are removed place a tray underneath as a little oil will drip out, then you need to break the seal and ease the cover off, this is a bit tricky as it is held in place by two dowls that are located in the little humps just above the 3 and 9 O'clock bolts, the sealant and magnet of the stator, which holds it fairly ridgidly in place, I wouldn't advise wedging a screwdriver in to prise it off as this may damage the machined faces, I used plastic wedges once i had opened up enough of a gap to get them in and them wiggled the case off.
      I you give us a shout when your putting the case back on as i've got the special gasket sealant which you can use.
      Best of luck and can't wait to see that carbon nose cone, If you need any help just shout..

    17. gixerator
      Hi Lee,

      Progress so far,

      Ive sourced a white side panel,
      bought an upper carbon fairing from Australia.
      tank has 97% buffed out
      lhs air tube scuffed,not too bad but will annoy me.
      light scratches on the swing arm.
      I have rubbed down the generator cover but one scratch may need a little filling.

      Do you have any advice on taking the cover off?


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