2006 Original owners manual RR6

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    As above, apart from the keys that went to the insurer, It’s all that was left of my RR6 after it was nicked, 10 years on I am at a point where I emotionally can let this go, priced to include the sentimental value.
    Fully maintained but slight panel damage as front page has been sellotaped onto the spine.
    Would appear to be printed in 3 languages, as I can understand everything upto page 152, which is an interesting page as it discusses noisy Australians, but after that the pictures look interesting but very similar to the others on pages 1 to 152.
    All important wiring diagram is attached to the back page and must be highly useful when standing on the hard shoulder late at night in January and it’s snowing like fook whilst trying to follow the myriad of tiny identical black lines, and then cursing when you realise I only sold you the manual and not the toolkit.
    Gonna float it at £15 + postage at cost. I’ll even sign it if the purchaser wishes at no additional cost. ;)

    65FD902D-F10F-458C-B31C-2FBC8BDFCE8C.jpeg 0156C277-0C5B-4E52-A32C-F99AFF01D4C5.jpeg F9ACA236-6D0B-4E0A-8357-616B8F2DB8C1.jpeg

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