2008 Blade as track day bike

Discussion in 'Trackdays' started by Singh1000RR, Oct 23, 2020.

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    Hi All, thinking of swapping my GSXR 750 K9 for a 2008 Blade primarily to be used for track days.

    Done a number of tracks days on the GSXR and its a nice ride - more than enough bike for me.

    However I've found that switching between the GSXR and the Blade (road bike) makes for uneasy riding. The first few miles on the GSXR makes for uncomfortable riding especially on tip in. I've set it up hard suspension wise and the tyres are Pirelli Supercorsa's which take a few miles to warm up. Once its done a few miles its good as ever.

    The Blade on the other hand is soft on suspension and sits on Michelin Power RS.

    My thinking is to get two bikes similar in nature and try to lessen this "gap". What's the 2008 like on track?

    Power wise they should be similar K9 750 v 2008 Blade. But the blade is slightly heavier.

    I'm aware of the oil issues with the early 2008's (I had a 2009 a while back) - but anything else to look out for?
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    The 2008-16 bike is a belter on track. Would have thought it would have significantly more oomph than the 750 that you'll notice on the straights (assuming it's running right - you should be looking at 40hp more).

    44teeth did a nice article on the bike for track use a while back.

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