Bridgestone R10 track pressures

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    Contacted Bridgestone recently to find out what pressures they recommend for the R10 on track, as I found various conflicting recommendations when searching the net. Finally got an email back from them and thought this might be useful to others.

    Bridgestone's response:

    I have listed the recommended track tyre pressures for the Bridgestone R10’s below.

    R10 F Type 2/3 - 120/70 ZR17

    Tyre Pressure: 2.2 bar (hot)

    R10 R EVO Type 2/4 - 180/55 ZR17

    Tyre Pressure: 1.8 bar (hot)

    R10 R Type 3 - 190/55 ZR17

    Tyre Pressure: 1.8 bar (hot)

    Please note the above tyre pressures are indicators only. You still need to adapt them depending on track parameters (surface/temp°), feeling & experience.

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