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    On holiday and went to the Hanbury show yesterday.
    Just half a dozen bikes on show in the vehicles area.

    1972 CB350/4, Imported from Florida in 1992 and totally unmolested OEM condition and immaculate.

    When Hondas were made by engineers not marketing men.

    Like a dope forgot to take a pic of it .
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    Well why the frig tell us?:rolleyes::rolleyes: That is like placing Samira from Love Island at my front door and then telling me, "Sorry, you can't have her!"

    Seriously though, Skellerns Yamaha in Worcester has one in their showroom. One of the owners is (ironically) a Honda devotee! I was in Australia working as a Honda mechanic at the time of their release. The CB 350 twin was 'punchier', but the four smooth and sweet sounding.

    On reflection, it seems strange that these bikes were a 'normal' import into Australia, yet not so in UK. Might anyone know if it might have had something to do with protecting local industry, i.e. Norton, Triumph, BSA?

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