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    Hi guys I don't really post but I didn't want anyone being stung by this company. They trade under the name Auctmarts, and have a wide range of fairings available, for decent prices.

    I bought some for my GSXR1000, as a test for if I bought any for my RR4.

    Suffice it to say do not waste your money, they took an eternity to arrive, and the tail section is so disfigured and bent out of shape that it is pure junk. Clearly a molding issue, as the point do the tail is no even in the middle.

    When I complained it immediately fell on deaf ears with the company claiming everything from accident damage to my bike...just no, to user error, to I should just squash it under my weight. Ridiculous.

    Other issues with all of it are the usual Chinese rubbish, screw holes that are miles off, when you can get screws in the threads are filled up with glue....useless

    There is no customer service, and whilst the rest of the fairing is OK, and OK is as far as it goes, I now have a kit that is useless.

    Avoid like the plague!
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    Sorry to hear that. Mine were fine from them but I guess that the cheaper the product the greater the risk… double that when you order from where it’s impractical to return to.
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    Yeah, it's a bit of a lottery.
    My first set was a bit mis-shapen and took an age to get fitted right... I had to really get inventive to pull all the panels together... looked great though once fitted (see profile pic).
    My second set fitted like a glove, but had a few marks in the finish.
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    It’s a nightmare when these things happen, I think the factory owners/ that no one will attempt to return the item(s) and as such if one out of a hundred is crap it gets sent anyway to the unlucky customer :(

    As mentioned previously it’s a bit of a lottery.
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    As mentioned, it can be a bit of a lottery.
    I bought a set a couple years ago, I did a lot of research on all the different companies that were offering the same kits at different prices. It turns out that all the fairing companies get their kits from the same factory in China, but sell them for different prices.

    Granted the kit did take a couple months to turn up (but I knew this prior to ordering), but I was always kept informed of the progress and sent pictures. Any questions I had, were answered within a few days.
    They turned up very well packaged and the quality and fitment was spot on. Yes there were a few issues with the screw holes being lacquered over, but this was easily rectified with a bradawl.

    They did send me the wrong screen, but when I contacted them, they apologised and sent the correct one out.

    When I did the research, all the company's that sell the kits have some bad reviews. None of them are 100% perfect.

    Personally, I'd deffo buy from them again.
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