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Discussion in 'Maintenance' started by mickey, Apr 19, 2020.

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    Hi all I have just rebuilt my top end after having a valve burn out so replaced the new valve polished and ported the inlet and exhaust ports had it skimmed put it all back together at first the fuel pump would not prime had a look too see if I had missed something out could not see anything turned on ignition I can here the pump prime but the bike will turn over but still won’t start and I got the f1 on the clocks and the orange light on can’t remember what it’s called plus my radiator fan comes one when I put the ignition on what can this be I’m boggled buy it all
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    If you short the pins on the diag socket you should be able to read the error code by counting the light blinks, long = 10 short = 1, so for example 3 long and 5 short would be 35.
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    Blimey. That was an exhausting sentence dude!
    I'd make sure all of the wiring is free & everything is connected properly. It was running before, so it's unlikely anything's failed in the meantime. The fans are switched on by one of the ECU's, so it sounds like a short circuit / pinched wires or a failsafe mode.
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