HM Plus Generation 2 QuickShifters

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    I have two HM Plus generation 2 quickshifters suitable for any CBR from 2001 onwards obviousy that includes the 929, 954 and 1000 Blades. One is brand new and the other is used. Both are complete with the Honda ignition loom and the link rod to suit your blade. One was on a race bike and the other a spare just in case the race bike one broke. It didn't.

    If you have used a quickshifter you will know what excellent fun they are and how they will make your gear changes quicker and actually cause less wear and tear on your gearbox and clutch. If you have not used a shifter or don't believe me, generally cos your mate Dave told you a crock of shit about shifters let me begin.

    If you clutch when shifting up you will generally open up as you release the clutch. For a small amount of time the engine will be spinning up at a higher rate than the gearbox and the clutch absorbs a significant part of that extra energy. Extra and unnecessary wear and tear. If you clutchless shift, unless you are very good, your engine revs will be lower that the speed of the gearbox and when you crack the throttle open there is a large amount of energy transmitted into the clutch and gearbox. Using a quickshifter works as follows. It is very similar to a clutchless shift without you closing the throttle. As you keep the throttle pinned, i.e. you don't shut off at all, your foot puts pressure on the shift module, initial pressure is also being applied to the selector forks in the gearbox. Once sufficient pressure is applied to actually cause a shift to occur the shift module also reaches the critical pressure required to instruct the shifter ECU to interrupt the ignition. With the ignition cut the gearbox momentarily has no load and so the selector responds to your foot pressure and selects the next gear. The power is instantantaneously restored and you hear the slightest blipin revs while you move into the next gear. No gignificant energy over what is required in applied to the drivetrain.

    Super video.

    I will add pictures later but prices.
    Used and guaranteed £199
    Brand new £225.
    UK post is £7.
    Paypal add 3%.
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    Hi Barry, PM sent about quickshifter. Cheers

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