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    Initially the third party did not admit liability ( but that is standard practise) but photos were taken and I have a go pro (which incidentally ran out of batteries!) . Funnily the witnesses were 50/50 on their accounts and police were on the scene. Luckily in the end it went my way as the photo clearly show him trying to skip traffic on hatched lines.

    Hope your new insurance quotes are not too painful
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    Screenshot_20210716-141554.png Screenshot_20210716-141554.png
    Too late mate I couldn't help myself and left a deposit with the seller and am picking this up on Saturday
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    There's that potential... But take a look at my 90 km/h crash aftermath (enable subtitles, check at +/- 7:20):

    My reasoning is if the frame is damaged because of the crash protector, it's because it was a heavy impact, and with a heavy impact having crash protectors or not having them at all is basically the same thing.

    On the other hand, crash protectors that are no cut, usually bend a lot more and/or simply break, making them useless.
    In this case they somewhat did their job, despite bending a lot.
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