Minimum work required to fit track fairing

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    I have an 09 'blade (non-ABS) that I'm intending to use for mostly track days. I took most of the fairings off yesterday whilst changing the rear shock and it seemed a bit of a faff. It's my intention to replace the main fairings with a track fairing and leave the originals in the garage loft in case I change my mind in the future. I live very close to A16 Road and Race who make fairings so it's no effort to go and pick one up.

    What is the minimum work required to fit a fairing? I'd like to keep the bike as near stock as possible as it's plenty fast enough for me. I'm guessing I need to fit the inlet actuators to a bracket to keep warning lights off and that I'll need race style intakes? I presume the bracketry for the stock fairings stays in place.

    Appreciate any pointers. Thanks in advance.

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