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    Dec 1, 2020
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    Anyone mixed tyres on their bike. I have Diablo Rosso Corsa's on a Zx9 , at the moment and the front tyre is possibly abit dodgy .. had front grip issues and a crash on track and lost confidence with it .. it's a few years old with decent tread but I am swapping it. As the rear is quite new and I want to swap to Racetec K3's on both tyres next time round, I was thinking of sticking a Supercorsa on the front and leaving the Rosso Corsa in the rear. As they are same brand and the stickier tyre is in the front, anyone see a problem ..
    Just thinking the tyres might wear out at a similar rate as well..
    Or should I just stick a Rosso Corsa on the front .
    Would prefer increased from grip mind if I have the option to have it.
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    Aug 15, 2013
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    I have done so on many occasions. even mixing brands with no ill effect.
    Just got to be sensible about it, find out about possible performance difference you might get before hand, ride within those limits until you become comfortable and then start pushing:D
    maybe your crash was not due to the tyre grip but the track surface contamination or tyre presure. I assume you have eleminated these possibilities
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    On the road I would but on the track I'd be more reluctant.
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    There's a video by fortnine on YouTube when they talk about mixing tyres.

    Basically the big brands say you shouldn't do it, but that's only so you keep buying their tyres.

    Some people with say no, others will say it's fine.

    I've mixed brands in the past and it's been totally fine.

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