New Fireblade -1st Racing Season (spoilers)

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    Cracking race the second one, Guintoli was hanging on to that Suzuki like a bronco rider on a couple of exits but all credit to him for keeping his place.
    Not sure what happened to linfoot in the first race, he was up in 3/4 at the start then all of a sudden he was 10th with no real explanation of how he lost so many places, did he run off?
    The Honda’s just didn’t seem to have the power of the leading bikes on that particular circuit however I had read somewhere that they have another 15-20bhp available but they want to get the handling sorted before dialling in more power.
    Hopefully with a years worth of data things will improve next season.
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    Interesting that, about the Honda

    Don't know what happened to Linfoot. There really was no hiding place at Assen on a clear sunny day like that - either have the power to stay with the leaders or get left behind - nowhere to hide.

    I would like to see Haslam win the Championship - Shane has started moaning all the time !:D
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    BSB - Brands Hatch - 14/15 October 2017 (Final Round)

    Race 1
    6. Jason O'Halloran +8.994 sec
    DNF Dan Linfoot

    The Hondas started on P5 and P6 of the grid, on the first race of a sunny and warm weekend. On lap 4 Dan Linfoot's bike spilled fluids on to the track causing a pack of the following riders to run off into the gravel trap - causing quite a bit of damage to them. Linfoot himself got his bike off the track straight away, as he appeared to know something was up. He said after the race that liquid appeared on his visor. The race was red flagged.

    Lots of gaps on the grid for the restart - felt sorry for Michael Rutter as he was among the riders that crashed out and looked like he had a hard time of it. After the restart Jason O'Halloran was snapping at the heels of the duelling Leon Haslam and James Ellison, for a while, but could not pass them - he finished in P6.

    Race 2
    5. Jason O'Halloran +8.147 sec
    6. Dan Finfoot +15.053 sec

    The big story was the fight for the Championship. Leon Haslam on the Kawasaki was defending his title lead, that was slipping away from him. Shane Byrne meanwhile was on great form with a mathematical chance of taking the title - he needed good luck and wins for himself, and some back luck for Leon - then Shane Byrne could still win the title.

    Dan Linfoot made it to the starting grid, right at the back, whilst Jason O'Halloran made it to P8 of the grid. There was obviously something wrong with Leon Haslam's bike as he could not keep pace, and there was soon a traffic jam behind him - like a huge long queue of tightly packed riders behind him, and open space in front of him. Eventually everyone came streaming passed Haslam, including Dan Linfoot and Jason O'Halloran - obviously something amiss with Haslam's Kawasaki - clutch trouble apparently was the cause.

    Race 3
    2. Jason O'Halloran +0.687 sec PODIUM
    7. Dan Linfoot +5.281 sec
    8. Shane Byrne +6.512 sec (Championship Winner)

    The last race - title really on the line for either Leon Haslam or Shane Byrne. It was going to need something special from Haslam as he started P11 on the grid, with Shane Byrne starting on P2. Haslam had a great start and actually passed Shane Byrne - but Byrne was just watching him and waiting for the traffic to clear - he was not beaten, just biding his time.

    Anyway, the matter was settled for him when Leon Haslam had a fast crash, after another mechanical failure. James Whitham, in commentary, appeared to call it right when he noticed Leon had tried to brake using his rear brake - which had left a trail of black lines, as he tried desperately tried to scrub speed before the corner. Haslam was powerless to stop the bike so he jumped off it at some incredible speed - championship hopes over. Incredible technology in the safety barriers (and airbag technology in his racing leathers) as Haslam went straight into it at huge speed - the kind of crash that makes you think it could be nasty - very nasty - but he was mostly OK.

    Safety car came out on lap 7, and Haslam was seen being taken away on a stretcher - which was (oddly enough) a relief. Again great informative commentary as Whitham knew that a seriously injured rider would not have been taken away like that so soon. It turned out that Haslam broke his ankle and wrist. Shane Byrne knew the score by now and got himself into a place where he was free of traffic and other challenging riders - to stay out of trouble, to finish in the points and take the title.

    Jason O'Halloran collected another worthy podium place to finish in second behind fellow Australian Josh Brookes.

    BSB - Championship Results - 2017
    1. Shane Byrne - Ducati - 637 points
    2. Josh Brookes - Yamaha R1 - 634
    3. Leon Haslam - Kawasaki ZX-10RR - 631
    4. Peter Hickman - BMW SRR - 578
    5. Jason O'Halloran - HONDA Fireblade - 567 points
    6. Jake Dixon - Kawasaki ZX-10RR - 562
    7. Christian Iddon - BMW SRR - 238
    8. James Ellison - Yamaha R1 - 228
    9. Luke Mossey - Kawasaki ZX -10RR - 186
    10. Dan Linfoot - HONDA Fireblade - 163 points

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