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    A good friend just set up on his own,
    100% vouch for his knowledge and expertise.
    TD Racing - Bike prep, service and repair

    All makes and models, road and off-road. Work includes bike preparation for competition, repairs, servicing, tyre and mousse fitting, brake reconditioning, engine rebuilds, suspension set up, accident repair. Genuine and quality aftermarket parts supplied at great prices. Collection and delivery service.

    Other facilities such as MOT and rolling road also available.

    Based near Farnborough, call me on 07769 183068
    Not blowing smoke up his arse but he’s a first class bike mechanic.
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    That's very handy to know . I live near Bagshot and my friend lives in Farnborough . We both have CBR1000RR`s . I am having ABS issues and have been trying to find someone who is good enough to either sort it , or take it off completely. Plus I would like to have my forks treated with new fork oil . I had the suspension done by HM racing last year , but would like her to turn in quicker

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