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    We went to see this last night and certainly felt enlightened/amazed by it (like Oppenheimer last year) as it’s more an education than entertainment.

    EDIT - a bit of background to put this in context. Anthony Hopkins portrays Nicholas Winton’s immediate pre WWII undertaking to save hundreds of child refugees trapped in Czechoslovakia. Collectively 669 were moved from Prague to London by train a dozen at first with the numbers growing on each subsequent arranged train. Nine trains successfully completed the trip with the tenth stopped from leaving by the Nazis the day war was declared - the estimated 250 children scheduled for it fell victim of the mass extermination that followed.

    Winton was an incredible man and his belief to get this Herculean deed done (with the input of so many like minded people) is as remarkable as the matter that it’s taken 35 years since the story came to light for it to become a film.

    To hear that for every child a £50 (equivalent to what was then roughly 3 or 4 months pay) security was required to be paid in advance to the government by the fostering parents was shocking. That the vast majority came from public donations and all in a matter of weeks/months was remarkable.

    I came away with a reinforced sense that society today needs to take a step back. These were the golden generation and whilst everything is now more advanced (health, welfare, education, etc) than it was, we are all to a lesser or greater degree morally poorer than we were.
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