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    Welcome to

    1stly Thank you for registering on what is probably the fastest growing UK based Fireblade community.
    To ensure your experience as a ‘new’ member is a pleasant one please take the time to read through a few simple requests pertaining to etiquette we expect to be adhered to during your stay

    Spamming within the forum pages.
    We define spam as: - unsolicited advertisement of goods, self-promotion of business or services, web sites, external links, & posts with little, or no related content on the forum pages or that of individual members accounts!
    Any person, on found doing this will find their account permanently banned and any posts made will be deleted, your email & IP address will be noted with stopforumspam!
    If you are unsure about having permission to post or attach a specific item, please ask a moderator.

    Copyright-infringing material.

    No one on joining the forum shall: - upload, attach, or otherwise post any copyrighted material which they are not authorised to redistribute (subject to the licensing terms of the specific item) or media pertaining to illegal activities!
    If you are unsure about having permission to post or attach a specific item, please ask a moderator.

    Offensive posts, links or images.

    Work safe and family safe pictures

    Mature picture content is not permitted on the forum. Here’s an idea of what constitutes mature content:

    Strategically covered nudity
    Sheer or see-through clothing
    Lewd or provocative poses
    Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches

    Any posts that do not adhere to these guidelines will be removed.

    We promote & believe everyone in sharing their own opinion, what matters is the way members put their point over. No one on joining the forum shall: - post anything which is deemed offensive, hateful, racist, sexist, discriminatory, obscene, pornographic or vulgar.
    We expect members to remain respectful to others at all times.

    Members are not to use any aspect of the forum to attack, degrade, insult, intimidate or otherwise belittle any other member of the forum. Anyone found or reported to be doing otherwise Will find their account temporarily banned, or permanently if the situation dictates. A permanent Ban is just this. if you are found to have rejoined then your account will be removed. This is at the discretion of the moderation team. Not its members

    Advertising within the forum.
    This can be either motorcylce or non motorcycle related items.
    To achieve this privilege it is considered good etiquette that a post count of at least 20 or more before using this free service.
    All that is required, the goods you have for sale are legitimate.
    No selling of firearms,narcotics,animals,children, or illegal Goods.
    The buyer nor seller can hold responsible for any unfortunate outcomes.
    Items deemed inappropriate will be removed from view

    If you are a commercial business and would like to take advantage of the forum advertising?
    Please contact Admin for advice before posting as your posts will be removed.
    If you are unsure about having permission to post or items for sale? please ask a moderator before doing so.

    Advice for new members.

    The community is a warm and welcoming one, to help break the ice we suggest your first post should be in the way of an introduction of yourself and possibly include some pictures of your bike. You can do this here. New Members

    If you are still unsure on any aspect or indeed you have any concerns?
    Please feel free to contact any one of our administration or moderator team.
    Enjoy your stay & we look forward to your positive contribution.

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    New members please make sure you read the rules of the forum and adhere to them please
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