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    Aug 15, 2013
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    Ended up with HJC RPH70. which I got for £250 (sportsbikeshop).
    The fit is excellent (for my head!)
    I like the drop down visor
    Even though it is a sport touring helmet, peripheral vision through the visor on extreme lean is very good
    MY only issue is the wingelets and vent openings which can create turbulence noise; despite this, it is a very quite quiet
    Even though I have taped over the offending openings, ventilation is very good I have very little fogging on my glasses and non on the visor (so far)
    I would prefer the chinstrap to be a little thicked and more woven as it is a little difficult to feel it with thegloves on
    Last but not least; it is a very stable helmet at high speed in traffic & windy conditions:)

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