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    Hey guys, for those of you looking to buy some top notch luggage, I've been doing some hunting down with some decent results.

    Was buying the big behemoth of a speedpack 75-90l for long touring, costs £270 which I wasn't too happy about..
    I hate when stuff flaffs about and when I have to mount a ton of different sht everywhere and I especially hate drybags haha. So was after a solution that fits everything inside, is easy to strap on a blade and is totally waterproof. Thank god for the Germans hey

    Anyhow, if you want any luggage from SW-Motech (and possibly others) call Blackpool Honda
    01253 600900 choose "parts" option and ask for Damian.

    Say that John sent you and he'll give you some decent discount:)
    I will do a write up on the bag when it gets here (arrives tomorrow)

    Video with a few of the options here:

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