Swapping Engine Numbers on V5

Discussion in 'General 1000RR Discussion' started by Burnsy, Nov 1, 2023.

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    Got an engine from @vic_ster51 to put into my old blade as it had the dreaded knocking noise that the 09-11 can sometimes come with. Engine went in perfect and runs fine (cheers @vic_ster51 :cool:), however i was about to We Buy Any Bike the old blade and realised that they are asking for corresponding engine/frame numbers...

    Is this easy enough to sort? I've had a look on the DVLA website but they are asking for proof of cylinder size/receipts from a garage which obviously i don't have.

    Is it worth just chancing it that they don't look or what do people recommend?

    Everything else is spot on...


    p.s, here is a pic of the bike if anyone wants to buy it lol
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    When I had an RD250 I put a 400 engine in and made a new plate and stuck it on top of the old one, you could not tell, but it did take a bit of making to look original, they are probably even harder to make now,
    but if the engine is just the same you should be able to give them the new engine number and they can check that to their records
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