Whose got the biggest list of mods?

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  1. SimonRR

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    Jun 11, 2012
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    Blade gone now but had loads of mods, love mods, makes the bike my own and not just another "one of the same" :D
    So on my 2015 R1 I have:
    R&G Tailtidy
    Small number plate
    -1f +1r sprockets
    Rear cowel
    Sbs pads
    Belly pan
    Yart monster fairing
    Arrow end can
    Arrow decat pipe
    Full O2 senor
    Live Autotune
    Flashed ecu
    Tank extender
    Race air filter
    Did gold chain
    Double bubble
    90° wheel valves
    R&G Rad guard
    GB racing engine covers
    GB racing crash bungs
    RG fork sliders
    Evotech levers
    Nitron race rear shock
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  2. Empty_Ten

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    Apr 22, 2020
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    Bad Dog Levers (will replace with ASV)
    LED bulbs
    Ultimate Addons 1" ball mount for top yoke
    TomTom Sat Nav Mount
    Honda Seat Cowl
    Carbon Hugger (dont know the make)
    HEL Brake Lines
    Brembo SC Front Pads, SA Rear
    R&G Radiator Guard
    R&G Crash Bungs
    R&G Engine Covers
    R&G Tail Tidy
    R&G Swing Arm Protectors
    R&G Fork Protectors
    R&G Exhaust Protector
    R&G Boot Guard kit
    Yoshimura R77 Exchaust
    Yoshimura Bar Ends
    Yoshimura Paddock stand Bobbins
    HM Superlite Quickshifter
    Alarm (unknown model)
    Rizoma Indicators

    On the MT10....

    HJR Bar End Mirrors
    Ram Ball Yoke mount
    TomTom Sat Nav mount
    Yamaha Wind Deflectors in place of the original fairing
    Yamaha Comfort Seat
    Yamaha R1 2CR Front Brake Master Cylinder
    Brembo Smoked Reservoirs and RCS Mounting Bracket
    Pyramid Plastics MT10 Comfort Seat Cowl
    ASV C5 Levers
    Oxford Heated Grips
    R&G Bar Ends
    R&G Tail Tidy
    R&G Crash Bungs
    R&G Boot Guard Kit
    R&G Fork Protectors
    R&G Swing Arm Protectors
    R&G Paddock Bobbins
    R&G Pillion Peg blanking plates
    R&G Exhaust Protector
    R&G Oil Cooler Guard
    Evotech Radiator Guard
    GB Racing Engine Cover Set
    CNC Frame Plugs
    Brembo SC Pads (Front), SA Rear
    HEL Braided lines
    Slipscreen Headlight Protectors
    Akrapovic MT10 Slip on
    Akrapovic MT10 Titanium Decat
    Yamaha R1 2CR Titanium Exhaust Headers
    Woolich Racing Flashed ECU with Racetools (Blipper, Pit Lane Limiter, Engine Warm up)
    Woolich Racetools blipper shift rod.
    Givi Tankbag ring
    Tank Pad
    Denali Mini Soundbomb horn

    I've got some wheel rim tape as well but thats scraping the barrel :D. I won a carbon fibre hugger in a raffle so that'll be added to the list once it arrives.
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  3. Gravel trap

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    Sep 22, 2017
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    I feel rather inadequate now. and I'm not in a changing room getting dressed too which is the norm. may stop feeding the step kids every day just every other put the saved cash in a jar labelled trick rr4 funds hands off .
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  4. Jamie_lee

    Jamie_lee Member

    Dec 28, 2019
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    Arrow GP2 exhaust
    Leovince bellypan infill
    Upgraded levers
    Upgraded resets
    Satin black pillion pegs
    Oxford nano indicators
    Renthal soft grips
    DID gold chain/ Renthal sprocket
    Honda single seat cowl
    H&M Quickshifter
    Honda Gear indicator
    Sato racing hooks
    Hel performance brake lines
    Datatool cat1 alarm and imbollisor
    Datatool motorcycle tracker
    Carbon fibre twill gloss foot protectors
    Carbon fibre twill gloss front mudguard
    Carbon underseat twill gloss infill panels
    GB racing engine covers
    GB racing frame sliders
    Frame plugs
    Seat re-trimming in blue stitch, contrasting leather with perforated leather
    Stomp grips
    K&N oil filter
    K&N race air filter
    Black race titanium bolts
    John McGuinness TT tall screen
    Slip screens smoked light protectors
    R&G gold cotton reels
    R&G fork protectors
    R&G rear subframe protectors
    R&G radiator cover
    R&G bar end sliders
    R&G boot guards
    Small plate
    Geniune Honda HRC decals to front mudguard and exhaust infill
    Carbon fuel tank cover
    Carbon yoke cover
    Carbon HRC tank pad
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  5. F1CT1C10U5

    F1CT1C10U5 Active Member

    Dec 29, 2015
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    I think I'm not missing anything...
    • Yoshimura R77 Carbon Can
    • Yoshimura headers
    • DynoJet Power Commander V with custom map
    • Bazzaz Z-Bomb
    • K&N air filter
    • IRC QuickShifter
    • Brembo 19 RCS Master Cylinder
    • Spy5000 Alarm
    • Melvin Stainless Steel brake lines
    • Braking SK2 rotors
    • Racetorx Gear shift shaft support
    • Evotech frame sliders
    • GBRacing engine case protectors
    • R&G radiator protector
    • R&G fork sliders
    • R&G swingarm sliders
    • Puig double bubble semi-smoke screen
    • Rizoma rearsets
    • Brembo levers
    • Acumen gear indicator
    • Sato Street Hooks
    • Evotech oil plug
    • BiXenon retrofit with projectors and angel eyes
    • Carbon fenders
    • Carbon chain guard
    • Carbon gas tank inserts
    • HRC gas tank protector
    • HRC gas cap protector
    • Carbon look top tree protector
    • Honda Racing backseat cover
    • Rizoma bar ends
    • Smoked tail light
    • Smoked front turn signals
    • Rizoma rear turn signals
    • Rizoma license plate light
    • Modified under tail with carbon look
    • Engine covers powder coated black
    • Top tree powder coated black
    • Gas cap painted black
    • Odometer trim painted red
    • Reflective rim stripes
    • Full custom paint job (R258 winning red with metallic layer)
    • Red radiator hoses
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  6. DazK

    DazK Active Member

    Jan 31, 2018
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    Ding Ding Ding and your winner is....
    points decision for @raphael @Jamie_lee @F1CT1C10U5?
    Here’s where I embarrass myself lol
    Domino Grips
    Honda Quick action throttle
    R&G bar ends
    R&G Tail tidy
    R&G Rad guard
    ASV Levers
    Upgraded headlights
    Hel Brake and Clutch lines
    Oberon Slave cylinder
    Full S/S fairing bolt kit
    Tinted Powerbronze DB screen
    Rizoma Fuel cap
    Rizoma Paddock bobbins
    Palm ll Mirrors
    Translogic is4 QS
    PZRacing gear indicator
    520 Afam Chain and Sprocket conversion
    Titanium Sprocket nuts
    Titanium Drilled caliper bolts (to fit)
    Gilles Spindle nut
    Gilles TCA Chain adjusters
    Gilles Crash pads (for adjusters)
    Honda E-Comfort seat
    Renntec Grab rail and luggage rail
    Yoshimura RS5 Carbon tip end can
    55 profile rear tyre
    Drift Ghost S camera (forward)
    Go Pro Sessions Hero 5 (rear)
    Think that’s it:cool:
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  7. BlackDevil

    BlackDevil Elite Member

    Dec 13, 2011
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    Blade is gone, but had similar accessories:

    Race ECU,
    Austin Racing GP1,
    Puig Racing Screen,
    Rizoma Rear Indicator,
    R & G Frame Sliders Aero Style,
    R & G Fork Protectors
    R & G Swingarm Protectors
    R & G Tail Tidy,
    R & G Radiator Guard,
    R & G Oil Cooler Guard,
    Rizoma Brake Fluid Tank,
    V-Trec Brake and Clutch Levers,
    Sprint Airfilter,
    Gilles Gear Shaft Support,
    Sato Hooks,
    Bike Cover,
    Italia Compositi Carbon Fiber Chain Guard,
    Oxford Heated Sport Grips,
    Telferizer Mount,
    LighTech Chain Adjuster,
    LighTech Rearset "R" Limited, GP-Shift,
    LighTech Oil Filler Cap,
    Shido Lithium Ion Battery,
    Samco Hoses Red - Stainless Steel Clamps,
    Evans Waterless Coolant,
    LED Headlight Conversion,
    Raximo CNC Brake & Clutch Lever Guards,
    Denauli Sound Bomb Mini,
    LED Integrated Rear Light,
    CETEK & TomTom Connections,
    SteelMate TP90Pro Tyre Pressure Monitoring System,
    Headlight High Beam Mod,
    Suspension Set Up,
    Custom Leather Seat,
    Second USB Connection,
    Instrument Screen Protector,
    7 x 5 Number Plate,
    Tank Guard,
    Carbon King Rear Hugger,
    Innovv K2 Motorcycle Camera Front & Rear.
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  8. TheMickster

    TheMickster Active Member

    Dec 13, 2016
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    Here’s what’s on my Blade:
    BST Carbon Wheels
    Brembo T-Drive Discs
    Brembo M4 callipers
    Titanium calliper bolts
    braided lines
    EBC GPFAX pads
    Brembo rear underslung calliper and bracket and titanium bolts
    Ohlins front forks
    Ohlins ttx shock
    Carbon front mudguard
    Carbon rear hugger
    Carbon clock bracket
    HM Dash
    Harris Clipons
    Brembo Master Cylinder
    ASV clutch lever
    Renthal grips
    Blue SamCo hoses
    Keyless quick release fuel cap
    Carbon Frame Covers
    Carbon swingarm covers
    GB racing engine case cover
    R&G rearsets
    HM GP quickshifter
    BSB Akrapovic race headers
    Carbon Akrapovic Can
    Servo buddy
    Pipercross airfilter
    Dynojet Power commander PCV
    Dynojet Autotune
    Stomp grips
    Talon rear sprocket
    Gilles chain adjusters
    Gilles lifer brackets
    Gilles swingarm sliders
    Gilles titanium axle nut
    R&G cotton reels
    R&G front fork sliders
    R&G Rad guard
    Evotech tailtidy
    TST integrated rear light
    Smaller numberplate

    Prob missed something. To be fair a lot of it was done before I got her :)
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  9. 1000rrboyjay

    1000rrboyjay Active Member

    Jan 2, 2013
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    BST Carbon Fibre Wheels
    Öhlins FGRT Forks
    Öhlins TTX GP Rear Shock
    SprayBay TT Legends Paint Job
    Akrapović BSB Full Race Exhaust
    2014 CBR 1000RR Tail Unit
    2014 CBR 1000RR SP Seat Cowl
    HRC Rearsets
    HRC Quick Action Throttle
    Brembo M4 Brake Calipers
    Brembo Serie Oro Brake Discs
    Brembo Brake Master Cylinder
    Brembo Clutch Lever
    DynoJet Power Commander 5
    Healtech QS
    DynoJet Custom Map
    DynoJet Autotune
    GB Moto Carbon Mudguards
    GB Moto Carbon Sprocket Cover
    GB Moto Carbon Infill Panels
    CustomLED Tail light
    LED Headlight Kit
    Koso Apollo Heated Grips
    HealTech GI Pro Gear Indicator
    Personal Number Plate
    Hel Braided Brake line kit
    RaceTI Passenger Peg Hanger
    Titanium + Stainless Steel Bolts
    R&G Tail Tidy
    R&G Radiator Guard
    R&G Fork Protectors
    R&G Swingarm Bobbins
    Fabbri Screen
    K&N Air Filter
    Islero tank & tail bag
    Ultimate Addons phone holder/charger

    think that’s it..
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